Are Strong Black Woman A Myth?

Portrait of a confident African American Woman with dreadlocks

I’m of the opinion that the strength of a Black woman is both true and a fantasy, in equal steps. Women of any color are inherently robust but it’s the information gained from this understanding about Black Women that may escalate the myth component of this subject. For Black women, the fantasy denigrates culpability for guys to take care of Black women respectfully.

Strong Black Woman

The ‘Strong Black Woman’ is abused because of this myth on the grounds that she’s able to withstand any challenges coming her way independently and with minimal impact to her mentally and physically. She’s collectively left to raise kids , hold down employment and be a tool to abuse sexually. The Black Woman is deemed a misnomer and is depicted as inconsequential to her presence. Whilst there’s arguably a love for Black Women for some guys, I’m talking about the collective views from all men and all women of any color. Black Women intrigues other girls of diverse race and are held in both mysticism and dread.

This fear leads others to react to the Black Woman negatively developing additional challenges for them. Some of those challenges are highlighted above. The’lonely’ variable is rife for the Black Woman that must navigate through life sometimes as both matriarch and patriarch even is she is in a relationship. She’s seen without demands of her own and demonstrably maligned in favour of others even though this is in detriment to her health. The Black woman ironically and altruistically reacts by instigating her own war . I’m an independent woman and I am in no need for a guy’ is a frequent mantra all the while secretly hankering for the love and comfort of a mate.

Her spirit is revealed to her Black female comrades who somehow share commonalities in their plight for individualism and respect. She can appear secretive, as she fears revealing her spirit as her experiences tell her that she’s vulnerable to additional abuse. Some Black men are scared of the potency of a Black woman and salary that a surreptitious war against her boosting subservience and oppression towards her. This isn’t always done intentionally to hurt her but their expertise is matriarchal and top heavy in its existence and not necessarily because of an absent father but more about the way the family performed in everyday life.

Prenez note

Older Black men were mentally viewed as Heads of families but in fact, it was the females who held families together. My experience of life has taught me that this opinion is shared with several other races therefore not exclusive to Black families. The Black Woman learns to develop to a job put forward by other people and as mentioned before, her own desires are ignored. This behaviour is viewed as abusive and the only way to eliminate this amount of abuse towards her to the Black woman is to step away, independently, boosting the’powerful’ aspect of the name question or remain in a relationship, whilst compromising her sanity.

There are lots of Black women who gravitate toward uplifting themselves and act stereotypically enforcing this’powerful’ aspect of the announcement. They do so by not appearing of desire and if they do show that this need, it’s sometimes misconstrued as’being destitute’ due to the’powerful’ aspect of the announcement that runs deeper and much more profound obscuring what the girl is truly presenting with behaviourally. Black women will need to learn of the effect of mis-applying this announcement to them. This misapplication occurs when one assumes the use of ‘powerful’ without identifying its true significance.

Good to know

Some could argue that this is how they choose to live their lives and this is completely fine but they also have to comprehend the ramifications of the ideology of being ‘powerful’ What does the reaction of others look and feels just like whilst Black Women are depicting strength beyond and over all? I’m not, for one minute, making an argument for subservience but putting out among the causal factors of disturbance that a Black Black connection may encounter.

Even men of other color notes the strangely perceived ‘animalism’ of a Black woman and would like to play with her to be able to tame her. The mysterious and’wild’ character of a Black Woman! Black guys are societal’lepers’ and experience a more demanding than acceptable life particularly in the West. Their frustrations can be moved to their female counterparts as they see her ‘getting through’ in life as power, another part of how war is waged against her. What’s led the Black Woman to be viewed as ‘powerful’? Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes argues that lots of generations later, people continue to live in accordance with the psychological scars inflicted upon their fore-families although currently free from the abhorrent and direct misuse of mind/body.

Sometimes when Black Men were removed from their families after being beaten and persecuted for entry and control, the Black Women had to struggle for existence. She had to protect her children without her husband. She needed to learn to do this battle at a time when her soul was being broken and exposed for additional abuse. Attacking the thing or things that one holds dear completes destruction. For doing this, attacks the spiritedness of the person from the inside, making them. Dr. Pinkola Estes argues that the elimination of sacred images that anchors a person was to’Un-Mother’ that individual.

Black folks were reliant upon their sacred images to guide them through life, not unlike other races. Parts of the mind (soul/spirit) becomes damaged and retreats underground (unconscious ) although the obvious afflictions are sensed and seen on a conscious level. In accordance with Pinkola, to destabilise a individual’s soul is to’Un-Mother’ them. People who are grounded in a Mother can pose as dangerous because of exhibiting autonomous traits, not so readily manageable, faithful to their own beliefs.

Their beliefs

The elimination of the beliefs and replacement of some other version can help to destabilise the soul of individuals therefore easier to be manipulated. Individuals which were spiritually removed in their beliefs consequently grounding learnt to dread the attackers whilst paradoxically feeling thankful for their existence. Internalising the harm that’un-mothering’ that a individual has on a person. For instance, within the office, your employer might be extremely abusive or just plain unfair but the inherent message meted out by your organization and society is one of being thankful for your employment.

You fear of speaking out as to do so is met with backlash; the outcome is the submission of a person’s soul. Therefore this method of management continues today and it’s the deep-rooted residue of anxiety brought on by the elimination of the’Mother’ that continue this psychological self-destruction. In this case for the Black Woman but you can see evidence of this throughout society not originally done for the exact same reason but the continuing use is handy. So how does the above relate to the Strong Black Woman? The elimination of this sub-conscious Mother and the replacement of something incomprehensible have helped to produce the Black Woman today.

It is important

Her grounding, her beliefs, her individuality have been eliminated and she continues to fight for existence today because of her previous battle. This worsening effect is evident even if misunderstood by many such as the Black Woman herself. The misinformed information derived about the Black Woman combined with background has resulted in her being viewed as’powerful’ (reality ) and without need, the’fantasy’ facet. It’s hard to talk about women of any color without identifying to a degree, the effects of feminisms. The word is pluralised intentionally as not only were there first, second and third wave feminisms, the connection and resonance felt by Black Women somewhat removes feminisms’ complete implication from them. Therefore the usual terminology of feminism doesn’t fully incorporate the Black Woman.

Both my grandmothers were hard, consistent employees, in mostly ‘female’ roles. These roles did not attract a moderate salary; just enough to help their husbands pay towards the family bills. What was interesting was how their shifting thoughts shifted their beliefs (ecological) when they came to reside in britain. In their hometown, girls married, had kids and largely stayed working in the house, not unlike westernised general rule. Hardly any women had substantive posts locally. Because of the many problems experienced by people in England, America or Canada where plenty of migration took individuals to, their beliefs required to radically change to survive. This shift meant for some households, older kids were raising younger kids whilst both parents worked.

Typically, it was the female offspring that supposed a matriarchal function in the absence of their mother. The introduction of a sub-culture for these families borne mainly from financial difficulties, let Black Women to be prominent but not equivalent to their guys. My generation of women has pushed this notion further and anticipates a more equal participant as spouses. Something which is akin to White western girls yet not readily recognised nor taken on by guys. More recognition is required in society for the promotion for all women and not just Black Women but the issues that Black Women face are different to their counterparts. I really do feel that the enormous radicalisation required for women’s lives can’t be quantified now from where it was formerly borne but we need to be able to keep on building on the wellbeing for women and by doing this, all of society benefits. Harm the girl; harm the kid!


So yes, Black women are powerful but it’s also a myth that she’s able to withstand anything thrown at her. Just have a look around you and many Black women are former shadows of itself. The perceptually well-adapted ones encounters emotional discord because of the’myth’ facet therefore the way she is subsequently treated. Black Women contributes to half of society in gender terms but their experiences of negativity is out of equilibrium. The’fantasy’ aspect is out of control and depletes the Black Women of her natural resources to live in harmony with others and her.