Is Women Hatred A Clinical Disorder?

Upset mixed race woman suffering from bullying, discrimination, excluded girl having problem with bad friends, feeling offended and hurt, sitting alone in cafe, avoiding people, social outcast

Sadly there’s an illness on the planet that has gone undetected or perhaps unrecognized. This illness has all of the features for clinical disorders, obviously with several symptoms. This disease is terminating, worse than any cancer we’ve seen, and more dangerous than any flue.

Let’s understand it

This illness has existed forever yet despite all of the technology and research in the world we still don’t have any real treatment or cure for this. I want to call it this exact ill-fated and killing disorder known as: Women hatred.

Taliban is just one sample of people where the signs of girls hatred are evident and self explanatory. Your nervousness just increases when you see scenes of how women are being treated by Taliban and the rest of the groups alike Taliban.

Women hatred

It exists in several areas in the world, more and less. This illness is going to be seen in areas where lack of knowledge about human body and human race are real aspects. This illness when uncured will lead to disease and damages the other organs of the body. We can make certain the disease of girls despise develops normally in the darkness of illiteracy, poverty, war, and segregation rules.

This illness is chiefly among men that are scared of women and what women pose. This disorder causes paranoia, fear, and anger. Women hatred is a catastrophic clinical illness that kills millions of women annually across the world; however the matter is largely mixed up with religion and civilization. What we miss is that girls hatred has its own culture, the culture of hatred and anger.

There are lots of treatment options for this illness and I am certain individual organizations in the world do best they can to remove this occasionally epidemic illness. However the best treatment options for those men that are badly ill and that will victimize girls is not jail. This illness can be treated when you put these guys in colleges and show them videos about human body.

Final note

The best prison for those men that are victimizing women are places in which you show them how women give birth, how feminine physical body develops, and how females are powerful entities who won’t accept this method of treatment. The ideal treatment could be in form of getting these guys sitting besides girls who were beaten, tortured, and slashed because of girls hatred disease. Using forces these guys shouldn’t be permitted to speak, but only watch girls talking about how they have the ability to maintain their rights.

Taliban is just 1 group of guys among many others who don’t know where they come from. They ought to be reminded how they inhabited their mother’s womb and the way they entered this world where they’re spreading this disease. Iranian women, Afghan women, and several other girls in the world know how these guys are sick, badly ill. This illness needs a true cure.