Is Pepper Spray User Friendly?


Even today, plenty of people are still questioning the capabilities of pepper sprays. It’s really a wonder why there are still a few individuals who do not know that when it comes to self indulgent, they really can rely on pepper sprays. Let’s put it this way. Law enforcement officials use it. All of us know they are always in the center of troubles and needless to say, they would like to have something they can depend on for their security.

Pepper spray

Using their firearms isn’t necessarily the best solution so in most instances, they reach for their pepper sprays. By doing this, they could neutralize the goal before he can begin causing real troubles. A good deal of people are calling it the ideal self-defense weapon. Have you tried wiping your eyes with chili-stained palms? It burns like hell, right? Now, imagine that multiplied by millions and you have the effect of those sprays.

It’s now easy to comprehend its own effectiveness as a self-defense instrument. Using it is actually quite straightforward. Before the attacker can make his move, you’re likely to spray him directly in the face. Just be certain you use the element of surprise. Don’t stretch your arm completely while warning the attacker that you have a pepper spray. He can just pry it away out of your hands.

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Keep it close to your body. Once the attacker is shut, spray it directly on his face. Adjust your aim as you keep on spraying to be certain he’s hit in the face. Afterwards, step back to see what happens. If you hit him straight on, he’ll fall to the floor in pain. This gives you an opportunity to run away. Generally, this is the best strategy. The effects on him may last up to half an hour. But you will never know if he’s accomplices coming to his rescue so it is ideal to run away. Just if he keeps coming at you, then spray him.

Final note

There are no long-term consequences on the attacker. But the consequences are more than enough for you to run away and request support.

  • His eyes will instantly close as a result of pain.
  • He’ll have difficulties breathing.
  • He’ll feel pain all over his face.

With these effects on him, it will now be very easy for you to escape. Make certain to go right to the police so he can be apprehended.