Le gel au poivre Mace est-il efficace contre les agressions ?

Shadow of two person on pattered sidewalk in black and white

It’s true that in today’s society, with the barbarous statistics of rape and assaults at astounding levels, that it isn’t intelligent to venture out to the world without some sort of personal protection accessible. Everyone knows that pepper spray, also known as OC spray, is a wonderful deterrent against attackers.


It’s a compact, non-lethal way of self-defense which may be carried in your purse, pocket or even in your key chain. Now, Mace Security International, the firm whose moniker has been widely associated with pepper spray for the last few decades, has a new innovative pepper spray product on the market for individuals interested in items of personal security. It’s a tacky gel using a 10% pepper concentration, at 1.4percent capsacinoids.

For those people unfamiliar with pepper spray products, capsaicinoids are the compounds created by the members of the chili pepper family, causing temporary pain, blindness, difficulty breathing, redness and irritation when used as a method of self-defense. I repeat, for clarity, this isn’t the former foamy spray that we are used to imagining when we think of mace. This item is a sticky gel that adheres to the surface of your assailant, leaving them temporarily blinded and concentrated on the burning in their eyes and face, offering you the chance to flee unscathed in the confrontation and allowing the swimmer’s detention by police officers.

Pepper gel

Mace pepper gel also comprises an invisible UV dye that marks your assailant, which may later help out with identification and arrest. And of course, being a gel, this item minimizes the potential for contaminating an entire room or area with the spray over the foamy edition. The pepper and its odor stick to the area upon which it’s been sprayed, lessening the odds of its uncomfortable odor lingering in automobiles, rooms, or smaller areas. It’s been safely tested with joint use of pepper gel and stun guns.

Mace pepper gel is sold in 1.59 oz and 2.79 oz canisters. These canisters propel their tacky solution through the nozzle by way of highly compressed air. The smaller can contains approximately 7 sprays lasting one second each, while the larger canister holds roughly 13 bursts. It has a shelf life of 3 decades, so there is no need to go out and buy a new one each month, and less need to be concerned about whether your can of spray remains powerful.

Bottom line

There’s absolutely not any such thing as being too safe and protected. Even if you’ve taken self-improvement courses and are effective at fending off an attacker, mace pepper makes it less necessary to permit a confrontation to find physical. Oftentimes, only the sight of this can in their own sufferers hand, or even only the warning of one, is sufficient to cause an assailant to rethink the notion of assaulting you. With their handily sized packaging and the peace of mind with which a canister can provide, there’s simply no reason to not take mace pepper with you constantly.