How To Treat Perimenopause Heart Palpitations?

Heart disorder and atrial fibrillation ecg as a coronary cardiac attack with irregular and normal organ rythm as a chest discomfort disease concept with a person suffering from a circulation illness in a 3D illustration style.

Every so often, a woman will experience perimenopause heart palpitations apart from the typical perimenopause symptoms such as irregular bleeding, mood swings, depression, short-term memory loss and such. It seems like a heartbeat that makes you believe that your heart has a life of its own and would like to leap off your chest.


Also called cardiac arrhythmia, this can be accompanied by hot flashes or night sweats. Considered as a consequence of female hormone imbalance, either you believe your heart just skipped a beat or it beats like there is no tomorrow. This could also be potentially due to the beginnings of a hormone replacement therapy (HRT) treatment.

There’s also the potential for alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, decongestants and a few diet pills – these have compounds that invigorate the heart and are the most frequent causes of heart palpitations. Needless to say, there are other factors which could call for serious and/or immediate medical care, like nausea, nausea and certain thyroid disorders. Or it’s also a potential indicator that there is something amiss with your own heart. So obviously, the perimenopausal woman will obviously be worried since this is already on the heart. So to make sure, go to a cardiologist to rule out any heart-related ailments.

There are a number of things you can do to bring back your heart beat rate to normal. Avoid alcohol and caffeine during perimenopause. It not only affects your heart rhythm, it impacts your sleeping habits as well and is a usual suspect in night sweats and hot flashes. Go on a wholesome diet without taking diet pills since these are definite contributors to cardiac arrhythmia also. If you’re doing your routine exercises and you feel your heart beating fast, slowly stop whatever this is you’re doing.

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Lie down and breathe. Breathe through your nose, and breathe out through your mouth. Do this for 5 minutes to stabilize your heart condition. Also, don’t worry too much since this may cause your pulse to skyrocket again. Try doing relaxation and meditation exercises. Doing one after waking up and one in the day can reduce if not completely prevent heart palpitations. Know what your usual heart rate is, and try to ask a doctor how you can take your own pulse.

This is so that when an episode comes out, you’ll have the ability to choose if you are having heart palpitations or not. If the arrythmia goes along with tightness in the chest region, dizziness or even the smallest fainting spells, then forget your fear of hospitals and have yourself checked out straight away. Always bear in mind that as perimenopause is a normal phase that girls go through, then so do the symptoms that go with it, heart palpitations being among them. Provided that you have had yourself checked out to remove the potential for heart issues, then you will be OK.