Comment survivre à une migraine ?

Ginger drink, juice or shot with healthy ingredients.

When I had been 9 yrs . old and in the 4th Quality, I remember having my very first migraine. I acquired a headache, felt nausea or vomiting and threw up in a section store while purchasing with a pal and her mom. A lot of you probably have problems with headaches or migraines. I understand I did for many a long time.


Over that long time period I became an specialist on how to survive the times & nights with the piercing headaches pain and nausea that has been so bad occasionally that it stopped my entire life lifeless in its tracks. I have no idea why but every period I acquired sick, I would munch on Pringles and sip either ginger ale or drinking water.

Headaches can often start as you are dehydrated therefore i always tried to obtain fluids back to myself slowly. I repeat gradually.

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Ginger settles the stomach, therefore having some readily available always helped lower that nausea or vomiting. The Salt from the Pringles assisted as well, although I didn’t eat many of them.

Choose your own foods/beverages that either calm you lower or settle your tummy. Mine had been from childhood – except i quickly had saltine crackers rather than the pringles. Be sure you have an awesome dark area to retreat to to enable you to begin to reset that pain. The earlier you get to a host like this the better.

Often I’d have a headache begin when I had been out and until I arrived home and shut the tones, it just got worse. Occasionally the sensation of clean, cool sheets actually helped take the advantage off. I always discovered that putting something great on my neck, or sort of patting the sides of my mind helped to provide me headache treatment. I wouldn’t put ice on your skin layer but I’ve done that as well.

Wrap some up in a baggie after that cover up that with something. The ice can last longer. If I don’t possess ice readily available, I simply soak a washcloth in cold water and wear it my forehead or throat for awhile.

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Seriously, that is really important. Spouses with great intentions, friends who would like to assist, you sister stops by to provide you with some Advil. Thank them and tell them to depart the ginger ale, pringles, water, whatever — outdoors your bedroom door also to enable you to rest.

It is a method that basically started functioning for me to obtain headache and migraine treatment. I didn’t do anything very complicated. I’d just concentrate on the pain developing my breathing. Therefore I’d inhale good surroundings and exhale the discomfort out. It also simply calmed me down. I’d furthermore try to think about one word like “relaxed” or “peace” to believe when i was breathing out.

These pointers are no substitution for viewing a health care provider or other migraine specialist.


I started a seek out all-natural headache treatments that might be safe for me personally and for my baby (since i have was pregnant at that time). One which really stood out if you ask me was an all-organic migraine treatment that can be done at home developed by other migraine sufferers. Nowadays I rarely have headaches so when I do I understand the way to handle them and alleviate my discomfort quickly. If you have any extra questions about my knowledge with migraines, i want to know! Sharing the discomfort can really help alleviate a little bit of tension — helping to discover new answers and treatments.