How To Raise A Creative Girl?

Little girl plays outdoors. Child on the background of sunset sky. Kid with the wings of a bird dreams of flying.

When Oprah invited rock star Pink almost a year ago, to speak about her new single “stupid girl” I listened closely. I needed to learn more about this song and just why it had called Oprah’s attention so much. I actually received an education about what’s on young girls’ minds nowadays also it wasn’t pretty.


The song and video talk contrary to the frightening message that’s being delivered to girls: to become and “it” girl you need to be enthusiastic about your bodyweight (probably have an eating disorder), your own hair, make-up, designer clothes and shoes and act stupid to obtain men’s attention. To tap everything off, a female must sell herself as a bit of meat to become popular.

Now, the “it” girls which are helping to understand this message out, aren’t air-brained at all, they’re actually creating a pretty penny selling the “stupid” image. In her song, Pink asks the question: “what happened to the imagine a woman president?” But I’ve a slightly different dream for girls personally, never to make light of this type of noble aspiration. Yet I really believe sometimes life gives us hints of where our destiny lies through the items we already want to do. Or the items we about daydream, even the crazy ideas that cross our minds whenever we’re confronted with a hard situation.

Good to know

These creativity beams, if you ask me, are God’s whispers and lay the building blocks for the larger plan. As women, we’ve the special capability to operate from both hemispheres of the mind very effectively. The proper side of the mind is thought to control the emotional, creative and spiritual functions. With this left hemisphere we realize how exactly to be analytical and we have been especially gifted with linguistic skills.

Why haven’t we heard and seen a lot more ladies in the creative and entrepreneurial fields? It’s true that we’ve seen a significant number recently but I’m still unhappy. There are some things I really believe we’re able to do to be able to assist in this true number, and Let me mention three: We have to teach our girls to believe similar to originators instead of just consumers. We are able to benefit from trips to the mall to instill in her the need to create different and better commodities.

Prenez note

She does not have to avoid liking girly things such as for example: pretty dresses and shoes, but of only thinking about buying instead, why not think about improving and innovating in it or creating originals even.

  • Also, benefit from every difficult situation to encourage her to become area of the solution. She should see herself as a remedy provider when compared to a princess that should be looked after rather. I really believe that inside our quest to love, provide and protect, we should take care not to cripple our girls forever.
  • Help her to think about her original ideas as commercial potentially. Of just indulging in wishful thinking or idle daydreaming instead, teach her how exactly to breakdown her idea whenever you can. First, she must thoroughly describe the primary idea. She will be able to explain as best she can the essential idea she’s in mind. Second, there has to be a justification because of this idea to really turn into a real product. The relevant question “what problem would the product solve? ” should be answered definitely. Third, let her brainstorm different possible methods to perform her idea. What sort of technology exists today which could help to make it possible? Finally, who be more thinking about the end-product and how would it not be introduced or marketed in their mind? She can think about great names on her behalf original product also, along with different byproducts that could derive form it.
  • Her entertainment and reading material ought to be inspiring. Whether she’s watching television or reading a book, it will more often than not have an inspiring message about people who’ve accomplished great things. Get her in to the habit of reading good books early. Personally, i love Oh the places you’ll pass Dr. Seuss. Its inspiring and timeless message gives her hook picture of what the picture as a whole is, once she’s prepared to head into life. Another book I would suggest may be the Brainstormer.

Final note

Think, Imagine, Create by Julie Duncan Archibold. In this book you will discover over 120 ideas sketched out in the four steps, mentioned previously, that have a mere idea to a commercial product potentially. You can also find other tips about how to turn original ideas that seem outrageous, into successful commodities. This book is targeted towards ladies especially. Like Dr just. Seuss’ book, it is a great graduation or birthday gift. After all, seriously, just how many more shoes or dolls or jeans does your litttle lady really need? Most likely as much as the planet needs another “stupid” girl.