Comment protéger votre santé pendant une pandémie ?

Washing hands with soap to prevent germs, bacteria or viruses. Cleaning hands. Hygiene concept

This year, 2020, will be recalled, unfortunately, since the year of the dreadful pandemic, which has seen over 50 million worldwide cases, and over 10 million cases in the USA, in addition to about a million deaths, around the world, and almost 250, 000 deaths, within this nation.

Système immunitaire

Some articulate, many different inane concepts, and concepts, such as, herd immunity, pandemic – exhaustion, or, it’ll all go away, by itself, and so on, however, if we want, to tackle this virus, and start to decrease the public health dangers, we will need to accept personal responsibility, to protect our health, and well – being, through a pandemic. With that in mind, this guide will attempt to, temporarily, consider, analyze, review, and discuss, 5 basic steps, to accomplish that.

Prenez note

  • Wear a mask: Why has wearing a mask, become a political argument? Nearly, every public health expert, says, if, everybody, only wore a mask, whenever social spacing, was challenging, and, particularly, inside (in buildings, buildings, etc), the rate of disease, would most likely be reduced, about 95 percent. Isn’t this, not just, logical, from a personal standpoint, as well as one’s social responsibility? Some areas of the country, have seen, more collaboration, regarding this, than others, and, generally speaking, these areas / areas, have had lower disease rates.
  • Social distancing/ Size: Studies suggest, social distancing, significantly, reduces spread of this disease. For instance, each time, President Trump, held one of his rallies, where the majority of the attendees, neither, were spaced, and/ or, wearing masks, we witnessed a spread of these infections/ instances! Stay, at least, 6 ft apart, however, many studies indicatethis air – borne, virus, under certain conditions, can travel, even farther.
  • Avoid crowds/ be wary of eating inside: Although, most people, would love, to view, some return to normalcy, and ordinary activities/ conditions/ lifestyle, sadly, this virus, spreads inside, at a tremendous speed, and, unless the institution, closely, pays attention, to all necessary precautions, concerning cleaning, sanitation, wearing masks, and updating their air filtration systems, etc, one exposes himself to undesirable consequences. Also, stay away from busy areas, situations, and so on, and be cautious. Remain attentive, and healthy!
  • Don’t let down your guard: Don’t be foolish/ stupid/ selfish, by allowing, so – called, Pandemic Fatigue, direct you, to let down, your shield! Use common sense, and realize, you do not wish to be a statistic!
  • Use precautions: Wash your hands, frequently, use hand sanitizer, put on a mask, avoid crowds, restrict certain actions, and take precautions, to securely, minimize your risks! This virus isn’t just real, and still, here, however, we’re witnessing, an increase in the amount of instances, and fatalities! Assume the societal responsibility, be sensible and vigilant, and keep safe, and healthy!