Comment prévenir les infections des sinus chez les enfants ?

Portrait of sick little girl aged 7 siting in living room.

Sinus infections can be a source of severe distress for both the child and their parents. These infections can be managed without the need for extensive antibiotics or other drugs. There are many options that you can use to reduce or even eliminate them. Healthy immune system is the first line defense.

Système immunitaire

So make sure your child has a variety of fresh fruits and veggies each day to ensure a healthy immune system. This will help your child fight any infection before it even starts. There are many herbs that have been used for centuries to improve immune health. They are safe and effective enough for children.

Many parents have discovered that Echinacea and similar herbs can significantly reduce the number of annual infections. The nasal passages of children who have recurring sinus infections are more likely to dry out, which can lead to congestion. To clear the sinuses, a saline solution can also be used three to four times per day. This will help keep any microbes from the nasal passages and prevent infections. You can buy products specifically designed for this purpose, or you can make your own mild saline solution at home for pennies.

Children’s Sinuses

Children’s sinuses can also be infected by environmental pollutants. You should avoid these substances from your home. You should use natural cleaning products and not use harsh chemicals. Do not allow your child to smoke in your home. Recurrent sinus infections in children can also be caused by the habit of sticking objects or fingers in the nasal passages.

Your child should learn to not stick anything up their nose, even their fingers. If your child needs to clear their sinuses, they can use a tissue to help them. This can also be prevented by steam. Your child should take hot showers every evening and morning. Keep the door shut so that steam doesn’t build up in the room. This will keep your child’s nasal passages moist so any microbes can be trapped before they cause infection.

Essayez ceci !

You should place a humidifier in your child’s bedroom and turn it on every night while they sleep. This will prevent dry air from your home during winter months. There are many things you can do to help your child with recurring sinus infections. The most common treatment for sinus infections is fluid pushing.

This will ensure that your child is well hydrated. This will ensure that your child is well-hydrated and prevents them from getting sick. These infections can also be caused by allergies. A furnace and AC filter that is highly effective can help. Filters that remove even tiny particles and allergens (such as a HEPA filter) will ensure your home is clean and won’t cause sinus problems.