How To Lose Weight?

Portrait of two girls eating sweet corn outdoor

If you would like to drop weight or you wish to be healthy you can’t put things in your mouth that’s not great for you. The standard American diet is terrible and if you think that it can sustain life for quite a long time, you’re incorrect. Think of what you eat. Can it be of nutritive value? Otherwise, do not eat it.

Let’s see…

Just about anything that has chemicals added to it, or that’s been tampered with by big manufacturers machines which sits on the grocery store shelves and contains a supposed lengthy shelf-life isn’t fit for human consumption. And should be considered toxic to your body. Tell me, do you need to be healthy? Do you want a fantastic quality of life where your head is current and your body fit? Well, it is not likely to last for long if you keep eating non-foods.

So, get real here

Take control of your life. It’s wonderful to have foods that are convenient. It’s wonderful to have a fantastic meal but if it isn’t healthy and nutritious fare, you’re fooling yourself. Your body is dying as you consume. The additional chemicals, preservatives, colorings, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, salt and sugar are poison. They take more vitamins and minerals to process on your body than they provide.

They tax your liver, gall bladder, intestines, pancreas and lymph system considerably more than those organs have the ability to endure. If you continue eating them you will deteriorate and be ill. That’s a fact. Why do you believe diabetes is rising, or auto-immune ailments? Why do you think the speed of fatness is eccentric? It correlates with the growth of processed foods and the impoverished lands that grow the food.


People are fat for many reasons besides overeating and lack of exercise. One is that fat helps to decrease the strain of toxicity. Fat stores poisons the liver, kidneys, etc., have become too fatigued to take care of. Second is that people are starving to death. Food with vitamins, minerals as well as the enzymes to digest them produce a deficiency in the human body, therefore, cravings are a sensible thing. The body requires these things. The body must have energy and can only get it through an adequate diet. If you are not eating real food, your body will want to keep eating until it gets what it needs. That’s how it is. The only way to eliminate unwanted weight and keep it off is to eat food in the most natural form possible.


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