Comment obtenir un soulagement des bouffées de chaleur ?

Une femme souffre de la chaleur en travaillant au bureau et tente de se rafraîchir à l'aide d'un ventilateur.

If you’re a rush of warmth particularly on your neck and face area you’re probably using a . Many times people think they have a fever when this occurs. Additionally it is usually accompanied by excessive . You can tell that this is a hot flash or night sweat since it only lasts a couple of minutes or even seconds but it keeps coming back.

Nobody is sure what really causes hot flashes but they generally occur when a enter melancholy. The sweating is probably brought on by the body trying to reduce the abrupt shift in temperature. If you’re in your house you can get relief from flashes by simply reducing the temperature in your home.

Just wearing sandals instead of shoes and socks can help to maintain your body temperature lower too. Some women start experiencing these as young as forty. Approximately 40 percent of menstruating women which are in their 40’s have them. So they could actually start before a woman goes into melancholy.

Besides the hot feeling that you get you might also feel your heart racing and have feelings of or have a headache. Having a hot flash in public can be quite uncomfortable and even a bit embarrassing because to the people around you, you might all sweaty and red.


Approximately 85% of womans say they’ve had hot flashes. But usually only about 15 percent have some which are severe enough that they go to the doctor on what to do to prevent them. Relief for hot flashes and its symptoms are discovered by layering the you wear, exercising and changing how you eat. Stress reduction and with et helps many women. Just drinking a cold glass of water might help. Many girls can tell when one is coming on.

They may find an uneasy feeling or maybe a little sick to their stomach. Some even get a hunger feeling so make certain to have a great deal of fruit and veggies handy so you don’t over eat on high foods once you get this feeling.


Quite often the hot flashes will wake you up at night and for many women that is multiple occasions that causes them not to get enough rest. This can cause other problems such as weight reduction. So in case you begin to get these symptoms only bear in it is only temporary. And by employing a number of the above techniques you can learn how to find some relief from the hot flashes.


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