How To Get Life Balance?

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In this article I need to address a subject matter that many girls traditionally find hard to tackle and that’s the topic of looking after yourself or nurturing yourself in a manner that addresses work/life equilibrium.

Let’s understand it

In the past 50 years life has changed considerably and for women there are now more single parent mums or people needing or opting to go back to work and/or begin their own company. Their multiple roles have grown because of this. So the dilemma of looking after yourself is much more apt and pertinent today. Commonly I encounter women who tell me they don’t have the time to care for themselves and my response to them is that you don’t have enough time not to care for yourself, otherwise you’ll burn.

The main reason that itself is such a problem for women is that they relate words like greed and selfishness with this concept that makes it emotionally very tricky to do. This may be changed by taking something that girls do this well and using this power to deal with an area of need. Women are extremely good at multitasking, and in organising related jobs together they always free up space and time in the day which would otherwise not exist.

So when I’m coaching women on this subject of work/life equilibrium I get them to see this as an equally important task they will need to factor in their day when planning anything else. For them to feel that they can provide equal priority to this area I suggest that they form a new association with nurturing self and this is one suggestion you may play with.

Final note

I ask that you observe that if you look after yourself you’re impacting the quality of giving across your multiple roles by allowing yourself to regenerate. So now instead of the getting a greed or selfish issue it becomes an excellent issue. Play with this and some other angles you can think of that will provide you a different and enabling association so that you care for yourself and prevent slow burnout.

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