How To Control Hormonal Imbalances In Menopause?

A dark bottle of essential oil with fresh blooming basil twigs

My passion is helping people look great, feel great, and find passion in their lives and I can not do so without damaging menopause and its symptoms. Although a lot of health problems can be addressed energetically and with exercise and diet and positive thinking, there are scenarios that require additional support in the form of hormones, natural of course!


This is a subject very near and dear to my own heart, since not only am I now going through the change of life , (breezing through it. I was instructed by my physician to not use any hormone replacement of any type again as it would increase my risk of breast cancer later on. That did not feel right to me at the moment, of course either did radiation and surgery (I had a point 0, pre-cancer) but then that is another story.

Deciding whether or not to have chemotherapy or radiation for breast cancer is a very personal choice and one I’d never make for anybody else. Although I did not feel great about getting radiation for early stage breast cancer, I did. What I can do is assist anyone dealing with this matter counter the side effects with energy recovery so that you will recover as rapidly as possible and recover your health and vitality.

Finding balance

I’ve selected to balance my decreasing hormone levels with natural estrogen and progesterone creams. There can be side effects, but I feel the side effects are worse without, and much worse with pharmaceutical grade hormones. Since I would like to feel and look my best and have a certain vibrancy about me, I decide to replenish my diminishing hormone levels and bring my system into balance naturally.

There are numerous different hormones that decline with menopause like DHEA and testosterone which can and must be replaced. As we approach menopause, many times our thyroid does not function optimally or our body is under pressure and producing too much cortisol and we’re gaining weight. Finding the perfect cocktail of hormones and nutrients the body is missing as it moves through the changes can be accomplished through a distant healing session.


An Intuitive Healing Session may ascertain what hormones your body is low on what has to be replaced and provide you diagnostic information about what nutrients, essential oils, in addition to hormones that your body needs to function optimally. Every woman is unique and the Intuitive Healing Session was created especially with your body in mind. Together we can make the change of lifestyle, a fantastic change!