Comment combattre les insomnies de la périménopause ?

Plan de tête d'une femme âgée couvrant ses yeux avec ses bras, essayant de dormir dans sa chambre, souffrant d'insomnie. Femme retraitée d'âge moyen endormie protégeant ses yeux de la lumière du jour le matin, seule à la maison.

You’ve had perimenopause symptoms daily – an irregular menstrual period that seemed to go on forever (combined with acute pain), you are grinning at one minute and you are irritable at the next, and you have had hot flashes from sun up’til sundown. And then when you are finally going to get that essential shut-eye, you can not sleep.

Not even a wink

Of all of the symptoms, perimenopause insomnia is most probably the most exhausting of them all. After you are tired from feeling all the pressures of the day, our body requires a well-deserved rest interval. Before getting into another one of your mood swings, first think back on what could bring about your sleepless night. It may be that you got into another argument with your boss, or your kid spilled milk on the sofa again.


Whatever the reason, you just can not stop thinking about it. That could be one cause. Have you got a sleeping schedule as erratic as your period? Then it can be one reason why your body clock is not functioning properly. If your work does not ask that you head to changing shifts, then attempt to go to bed and get up at exactly the exact same time everyday until your body becomes used to it. Do you drink beer or wine just prior to going to sleep? Then don’t. You likely got immune to the alcohol level as your body would tend to request a higher alcohol intake. If you anticipate having an alcoholic, then today isn’t the time to do so.

Are you hungry?

Or are you full? If you eat a very complete meal four hours prior to bedtime, then you will not have the ability to sleep well since this can possibly case worse or indigestion, heartburn. If you choose a high-carbohydrate snack before lights out yet, that could help you sleep. Studies have shown that it releases seratonin, a chemical in our brain which aids in calming one’s self. A high-carb snack could be some dates, cereals and biscuits.

Do you exercise?

Get some exercise during the day. Your body will get its much needed healthy blood flow and combined with all of the actions you have, you will gradually feel the fatigue at the end of the day. Needless to say, do not do so when you are two hours from bedtime as insomnia and hot flashes will go hand in hand to distress your night. Do you go to sleep with the lights on? Then for a change, consider sleeping with off all lights – even your handy night light. Any child of light may disrupt your body’s thinking. Let it still believe that it’s night. Are you a coffee lover? That’s good.

Mot de la fin

Just do not drink some before going to sleep as caffeine perks you up, which makes you drop the ability to sleep. Do you have night sweats? Have a fan by the bed or turn your air conditioning unit to a temperature that is bound to temporarily shut off your sweat glands. Consult your husband first if you are sharing a room.


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