How To Believe In Yourself?

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If at anytime you do not believe in yourself, feeling sad, or that you aren’t worth living a life of success, I would like you to stop listening to yourself and listen to me. I believe in you.

But, who am I?

Who cares if a complete stranger believes in me? Well, I’m an empowered and educated women entrepreneur, destined to keep your spirits high and your company soaring. I’m your girl-friend walking side-by-side telling you that you are worth achieving your dreams at this time.

Remember, you started reading and found your way to this guide, not me. You searched information, and I’m here for you. You had to feel that you’re worth earning more and attaining success, because you opted to commit your time to read what I need to offer. Know that God believes in you. He gifted you with this life and He is the most merciful and forgiving. Stop thinking on your old ways and start by asking for God’s forgiveness.


Because feeling unworthy, is abusing His gift of your life. By asking forgiveness, you’re asking for His guidance and enlightenment. With honest, pure intentions, he’ll answer your prayers. Stop considering your bad habits, your poor choices, you inabilities, and poor attitude. Stop listening to your “past” self, begin learning from the present, planning for your future, and allowing your “old” self go.

Do this

Surround yourself with Lady Leaders. Move forward, do not look back, and allow your womanly-instinct free. To create this positive-thinking work for you, try out some of Ponn’s Pick-me-ups (positive actions designed to get you up and moving ). Smile in the mirror, hug your kid, clean the kitchen, arrange your workplace, or get up and wiggle. Scream out your backyard.

Laugh in the deep bellows of your stomach and provide a deep and long chuckle. I’ve done all these activities and I feel much better. No doubt, there are lots of money-spending actions to pamper yourself that I think are terrific outlets such as facials, spas, getting a haircut or fresh makeup. Yet, when I do things to clean the clutter from my home, or use something I already have, I feel better, because I realized something at exactly the exact same time. So, stop procrastinating and start picking-yourself-up at the moment.

Take note

Here’s one of my favorites: wear a sexy little dress, “doll” up yourself. Go ALL out: makeup, hair, and nails. Then, go to sleep saying”I’m beautiful. I’m gorgeous. I’m sexy”. If you believe I’m mad, give it your very best shot. You’ll be amazed how amazing you’ll feel when you wake up in the morning. If the feelings are not there right when you wake up, run to your mirror. With the exception of some “bed-head” you WILL be magnificent.

After all, I told you to go ALL out. Take this opportunity again to say, “I’m beautiful. I’m gorgeous. I’m sexy”. If you do not already, this IS a terrific way to begin any day. I”doll” myself up nearly each and every night. Especially if I’m tired from work and rushing about to cook dinner, I make sure I stop for 10 seconds to wash my face, put on lipstick and then spray some cologne. On my “I must wash all day” days, my girls and I will wear dresses to vacuum or wash the bathtub.

Am I crazy??

Yeah! Do I feel like the Queen of my house every single day? Yes, I do. Does my husband love me? You better believe it. Do my women enjoy cleaning? When we’re dressed and enjoying ourselves, they do. It’s a ripple effect. When I feel good, so does everyone around me. When I don’t, nobody does. When I’m nervous, everybody is nervous. Our moods are crucial to the disposition of our loved ones and the people we live with.

Our influence as women is deep. So why settle for being a “bum” in your home when you are the “Queen” of your dwelling? We will need to take responsibility and learn from our mistakes. It’s really easy to blame others. Try being answerable to yourself, as you might not like what you see, this is your chance to change, and trust me you will!

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