Comment éviter les problèmes de sinus ?

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Sinusitis refers to inflamed sinus cavities. Sinus anatomy – There are four types of sinus cavities. The problem can be found in any one of them. Here are some tips to help you recognize signs and symptoms of sinusitis. It is important to know how to prevent or treat acute or chronic sinusitis. You could be exposing yourself to the same conditions that caused your sinus problems.

Que faire ?

Sometimes it is difficult to stop a sinus problem if it is caused by an unknown factor, such as an undiagnosed food allergy.

  • Keep your nose and nasal cavities moist. You can keep a saline spray on you and spray throughout the day. Let me warn you about sprays. I would never use anything that wasn’t a saline solution to my nose – that’s salt and water. There are many products that claim to cure sinusitis. They want you to put something up your nose, such as the capsaicin in capsaicin spray. This could lead to other problems.
  • Although humidifiers may be recommended, they can cause other problems and increase the likelihood of mold growth in your bedroom. Many people are allergic or sensitive to common household molds. Molds are one type of fungus. There are many types that aren’t molds. Recent research has shown that sinus infections are most often caused by fungi. As well, dust mite allergies are quite common. Sinus problems can be caused by dust mites.
  • Exercising in cigarette or cigar smoke can cause inflammation of the mucous lining in your sinus cavities.
  • Avoid going outside if there is a lot of smog. Sinus sufferers can be bothered by even a little bit of the smog. Before you leave, listen to the weather forecast and make sure there is no smog advisory or smog.
  • Avoid diving into the water. Water is forced into the sinus cavities by the nasal passages.
  • Swimming in chlorine-treated pools can cause irritation to the nasal lining, and cavities. Salt-water pools are best for those who must swim.
  • If you have chronic or acute sinusitis, traveling by air can be dangerous. Air pressure can build up in your head and cause a blockage in the sinuses.
  • If you have persistent sinus infections, get checked for food and dust mite allergies.
  • People with celiac disease experience a lot of sinus problems. This is because their immune system is suppressed from poor digestion, which means they are not absorbing the nutrients that they need. It might be worth getting tested.
  • Sinus attacks can be prevented by eating a diet that is dominated by fruits and vegetables. Some people have reported significant improvements in their health after giving up dairy products.


You may have fewer sinus attacks if you take the time to determine what is causing them and prevent them from happening again. Natural remedies without the use of sinus medication are always the best way to get relief. Many people have found relief by using simple treatments and prevention.