How Not Paying Attention Has Cost Us Women A Lot?

Not Paying Attention Has Cost Us Women Over We Can Afford! Historically, I think it’s safe to saythat many women haven’t been taught to listen to financial issues, to read the fine print in papers, to know when and where they have to request help in legal or banking matters. I’ve lived this, and that lack of “financial literacy” has cost me much.

Healthy system

My original family neither function modeled a healthy system to follow nor left me with the psychological need to care for myself financially from the adult world. For two decades I have been talking about the complete spectrum of the term “focus” and have found the power and critical role attention plays in everyone’s life.

  • To start with, we need care, however old, bad, or how educated people are. Abundant research has clearly revealed that it’s our main need. Knowing this, simply, can alter our reality.
  • Secondly, our focus is the most effective tool we must become more accountable and more responsive, to alter the quality of our lives, to further our goals and make our dreams.
  • Third, as women, especially, we will need to understand contracts, regulations, legal, fiscal and employment details.

Gardez à l'esprit

When we have questions or do not honestly understand certain written materials that are introduced to us, we will need to stop to give ourselves permission to request attention, to search for mentors and advocates. We can’t sign our names without a complete comprehension of exactly what we’re signing. We can’t miss deadlines, misfile programs, don’t read the small print, since this sort of behavior invariably incurs additional expenses, jeopardizes our fiscal security.and creates untold heaps of personal stress.

Recently in my life, I have had to undergo a lengthy legal procedure. Many times I did not pay sufficient attention to ask the correct questions, to go to the appropriate experts, to understand legalize or to stop or interfere in other individuals’ needs to hurry through our meetings. I’ve met too many other girls who’ve had similar experiences. Their stories often are tragic.

Financial losses

Their financial losses have been staggering, their lives have been emotionally brutalized and the standard of their living was diminished. I am convinced personally that all girls have to make a group for themselves, when going through divorce proceedings to guarantee reasonable and satisfactory results. We can protect and guarantee our psychological and financial security, only if we take the time to slow down, feel our feelings and look closely at the proverbial bottom line everywhere, all of the time; we need to acknowledge that we know what we do not understand and register friends, family and others to provide the support we must flourish.