Que devez-vous savoir sur la ménopause ?

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can be a time of great physical, psychological and emotional changes that can overwhelm you in case you do not know what to expect. If you are near menopause age, or going through it, the more information that you have the better you will deal with the transition.

Let’s start!

With that in , I’ve set up a fun quiz so you can discover just how much you REALLY know about menopause.

  • At approximately what age can you expect menopause to start?
  • Which of these, can cause ?
  • Which of the following will help control the symptoms of menopause?
  • Which of these do the ovaries eventually stop producing?
  • Why does production decrease during menopause?
  • A diet rich in what may help control ?
  • What evaluation can help determine if a is beginning menopause?
  • What are the most serious side effects of menopause?
  • What is the primary symptom of menopause?

Essayons de comprendre

  • The onset of menopause varies from to woman – as do the indicators.
  • Statistics tell us that girls who smoke may undergo menopause a year earlier than women who do not.
  • Unless you are on , it is not normal to experience . Professional assistance should be sought as a preventative measure.
  • Medication isn’t always necessary to control menopausal symptoms and they can often be handled by taking a more natural approach.
  • Symptoms usually begin gradually as the body goes through different hormonal changes.
  • The levels of both hormones decrease throughout menopause.
  • loss may result in decreased height, weight gain and . It’s crucial to maintain a nutritious diet and regimen to protect the bones as far as possible.
  • The reason behind hormonal decline is, as yet, unknown, though it is understood that the decline begins in a woman’s mid to late thirties.
  • While some girls have great results from conventional (synthetic) forms of hormone therapy, many others prefer to seek a more natural approach to managing their symptoms.
  • Yes, it attracts enormous changes, but menopause is a natural progression from one stage of a woman’s life, to the next. And as more is discovered about it, more choices are available to handle and control most symptoms.
  • There’s been some evidence that consuming soya products can have favorable effects on menopausal symptoms. This is a result of the mild estrogenic effect of soya.
  • The quantity of Follicle Stimulating Hormone in the blood will be analyzed to provide a sign if a woman is in or about to enter menopause.
  • Be sensible about the way you live and pay special attention to your eating and exercise routing. Don’t leave your to chance.
  • There’s not any standard menopause. Symptoms, their regularity and intensity will be different for each woman.


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