Comment l'immunité combat les maladies ?

Immunity makes you struggle against disease and strengthens your body against most of the damaging effects of different germs and bacteria. People who have a weak immune system fall easy prey to a lot of illnesses. People that are healthy are more resistant to diseases since they eat a well balanced diet with all the ingredients for a wholesome living.

Immunity Boost

 People should begin eating foods that are full of vitamin C and begin taking flu shots once the flu season approaches like this they’ll become immune and will have the ability to resist the disease. Exercise also helps to raise the body resistance and makes it more powerful to resist diseases.

The immune system is in fact our defense mechanism that helps fight against specific diseases and acts as a defensive mechanism to withstand micro organism and various bacteria. These whole organisms are spread out around us in the food that we eat and when our immune system isn’t powerful enough we all will be infected with these diseases. There are distinct signs of low immune system and these are fatigue, allergic reactions and slow wound healing.

Le saviez-vous ?

Mushroom helps to grow the white cells in the blood that are the organic body solutions to prevent microorganisms and make them immune. Eating mushrooms is really quite effective as they assist in eliminating free radicals from the body that are the primary source of ailments and also helps to detoxify the body and eliminate all of the poisonous substances that may lead to harm. The best form of mushroom is shitake and it’s reported to be quite beneficial for joint pain and also enables the neuro- muscular system of the body.


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