Empowerment Beyond Sexy?

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An associate of my online network is section of a fresh phenomenon – pole dancing parties for women. A news feature for the “Pussycat Dolls” burlesque show at Caesar’s Palace in NEVADA claims the show is “empowering for several women” who would like to be considered a pussycat inside.

What do you need?

I’m not just a prude. Healthy, fun sex in a committed, monogamous relationship is an excellent thing. Wonderful! But Let me live in a global where you can find other acceptable ways for women to be empowered, too. Facts are speaking up and saying our thoughts honestly and directly will be a lot more “from the box” than prancing and shimmying around a pole for an incredible number of women.

The other day there is great hue and cry on “The View” as Rosie O’Donnell and Elizabeth Hasselbeck squared off. Elizabeth didn’t back off this time around. The clip of this interview was replayed on FOX, CNN along with other networks for days with commentators startled a pretty, little blonde could argue so and successfully against big forcefully, bad Rosie. The very next day at NBC Studios – someone took a magic marker and drew a moustache on pictures of Elizabeth. Exactly why is it okay for women to “empower themselves” by taking part in sexual “male approved” pursuits like pole dancing? Or, empower yourself! Buy new skin care! What on earth, empower yourself and obtain Botox(TM) injections really! Women are judged – by men and women.


Often it isn’t okay whenever we elect to speak up and say our piece – whether it has related to our opinions on politics or selling in a confident, win-win way the advantages of your goods and services and ways to help your visitors. As the writer of a favorite book written for women home-based companies to greatly help them have significantly more fun, feel well informed and create a many more money I’ve talked with a large number of women who love their business – but hate obtaining the word out.

It isn’t just the “how-tos” of marketing and selling – it is also about feeling empowered and eligible for say their piece and have for what they need. Hinting and innuendo is okay in your individual life – nonetheless it shall never cut it running a business. You need to ask. I’ve marketing mentoring clients who’ve struggled making use of their personal finances and their businesses since they felt totally unsupported, uncomfortable and un-empowered speaking for themselves and requesting what they need up.

They don’t really feel empowered enough to steer and direct a conversation – that is necessary running a business to market anything. They would like to create a better life for themselves and frequently because of their families – the American dream. However, these were told to require anything isn’t good, to anticipate anything isn’t good; to speak and speak your worth isn’t good up. Who’s empowering these women to allow them to achieve their goals and aspirations? Dancing around a pole isn’t likely to have them there. Pole burlesque and dancing is okay.


It could create some real spice in the bed room together with your man – a very important thing. And I am aware its good exercise. But all of the sexy moves, feather boas and seven inch stilettos on earth won’t help her settle the bills, save on her behalf kids college or her retirement – unless she really wants to turn into a professional stripper.