Avez-vous besoin d'une stratégie pour éviter le stress ?

Avalé par les rêves. Plan de côté d'une jolie jeune fille, étudiante ou adolescente, assise sur un canapé à l'intérieur, souriant et se relaxant les yeux fermés, profitant de la belle matinée dans un salon ou une suite d'hôtel, espace de copie.

Just ten years ago it was a prevailing scientific principle that the brains that you entered this world with, were all you’d ever see. Adults dropped neurons daily, but it was nice since we had a billion of them in our emotional treasury. No one except a researcher at Princeton University thought that the mind continued growing new neurons throughout life.

Let’s see..

The moral of this story is understanding and good-work wins the Gold, regardless of the resistance, your sex or the totem-pole hierarchy. Dr. Gould has strong opinions on anxiety, that chronic-stress alters the body of their brain to generate less memory and learning. Poverty itself is a cause of chronic anxiety, and the children growing up in the slums shed their American dream as their brain doesn’t work to develop new brain cells. Stress produces a steroid named Glucoconticoids, which can be toxic to neurons.

It weakens, and destroys brain cells. It induces neuronal dendrites to wither, reducing memory and learning to not function correctly. Our hippocampus is affected by stress and doesn’t produce long-term memories.


poverty isn’t a character issue, about people that are idle or refuse to learn. Poverty is related to a sterile environment, and the experience of negative emotions about the ability to achieve and succeed. Most middle-income families offer a rich environment favoring more than a mere survival mentality. Going to museums, access to the Internet, mentors who’ve track-records of success, create life-long roadmaps to follow.

Family values that education is economically useful, parents that do leisure reading, inspire children to learn and develop. The lack of role models who need home work and committed daily research is a cause of youth apathy. It contributes to early dropouts and the reduction of occupational alternatives. You already know the results.

Le saviez-vous ?

Did you know that the immune system, antibodies, and neuropeptides of both children and adults who experience chronic stress like poverty, are disproportionately prone to disease, and die before their normal span of years? Do you know that the nervous mind could begin generating a cascade of neurons in any stage of life, and strengthen the immune system? It requires a ritual of mind exercises and psychological strategies based on an improved environment.

It features manual, cognitive and mental activities to awaken general memory and learning functions. Regular viewing and involvement with the TV show, Jeopardy, and the Discovery Channel programs, challenge audiences to learn and recall. Net are important teachers resulting in personal youth. The statistics demonstrate that the cliché, use-it-or-lose-it, is a reality. BIS requiring just two-minutes. He calls it the Pran Mudra, we identify it as a V for Victory sign.

Que faire ?

  • Please sit down, feet flat on the ground, shoulders back on the seat. Eyes opened, your left hand lying on your top of your left leg. V-for-Victory sign with another two-fingers. It’s about a dozen times.
  • Double the advantage of this strategy by keeping a Duchenne (eyes and mouth), Smile during the whole two-minutes.
  • Now close your eyes to the next one-minute of the BIS. Simultaneously mentally-visualize both your hands performing the physical exercise.
  • You’ll be opening your eyes in a few seconds.

This target-affirmation increases your vibrational-frequency for a continuous flow of energy. Chronic stress is the silent-killer since it opens us to diseases and reduces our life-span.


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