Do Women Learn From Men?

Young woman leaning towards the camera with an attentive expression and friendly smile outdoors with her boyfriend

Add a few things (which come readily to men) to the fabulous you, and the world is your oyster. Network more. Develop your equivalent of this old-boys’ club by collecting useful contacts and work them.

What to do?

Play sport to create friendships and strength. Being social animals, welcome a break from your responsibilities to laugh, form up and alleviate stress, all at exactly the exact same time. Project a confident attitude by walking and intentionally. Be natural and wear less makeup; guys believe they’re good enough without wearing masks and 6 inch heels.

Do your own thing without getting wrapped up in everybody else’s business. Besides being exhausting, it disturbs you. What do men do? Watch the game, don’t housework, and perform more. Stop telling your girlfriends all of the intimate details of your connection. You and your guy should be a tight unit.

Gardez à l'esprit

Be bold, and after you pick something, muster the guts to dive in and get it done. When threatened, flick a power-switch into your head which spurs you to action. If you decide to fight, commit fully. If someone is attempting to hurt you, then dive in with excitement and hurt them back. Don’t give up at the first obstacle. Keep trying or change strategies. Develop a thicker skin. As Donald Trump says, “It isn’t personal, it’s business.”

Taking things to heart has been sensitive, but the escalating emotions side-track you from what matters. Show what you can do without being coy. Communicate temporarily without digressing, particularly when speaking to guys. Avoid getting lost in your narrative by cutting it down to 25 words or less. After two minutes, guys zone out and stop listening. Think how much more sway you’d have with your boss or your boyfriend, even if they heard you.

Say what you mean in a simple way. People can’t read your mind so ask clearly for what you need and prevent traces, metaphors and parables. For men to listen, ask direct questions, and talk in terms of solutions and problems. Answer questions in a no-frills way and if more details are necessary, elaborate.


Compare the following two statements: “In my view it would be more successful if we begin now,” and “It would be more effective if we begin now.” The latter packs more punch, especially in the work environment. In a similar vein cut ‘um’ and the improper use of the word’like’. Being certain conveys credibility. In heated circumstances, stick to facts. Because that’s not true, he reckons the remainder of what you are going to state is along the very same lines, and from then onwards hears nothing. Instead, make your point clearly and without laboring it, proceed. Take risks. Learn as much as possible about investments, sky-diving or anything, and do it. Be patient with connections. Rather than pushing your guy into a corner, back off, lower the intensity in your voice and give up control. Give people the benefit of the doubt. It implies trust, leading to your relationships getting stronger, healthier and happier. Accept compliments without qualifying them.