Les pistolets à poivre pour l'autodéfense fonctionnent-ils ?

Voleur menaçant avec une arme, jeune femme effrayée et criant pendant qu'elle est arrêtée par le bandit.

We’ve all seen the racks of pepper sprays at the checkout counters in your preferred stores. They can be found in all shapes, colors and sizes and several ladies keep them within their purses or within their cars. They’re able to providing some protection in case of a in person encounter. But, perhaps you have seen the most recent?

Keep note!

have become popular now, not merely with women because of their simplicity, but with guys because of the menacing also. They are high powered dispensers by means of a handgun. That’s their simplest definition. Truly they’re much more. For example, Kimber makes the Pepper Blaster. They are with the capacity of shooting an extremely massive amount pepper spray, not just a small stream just, several feet in to the space of one’s attacker.

Mace makes a pepper that may skyrocket to 25 feet and, by controlling the trigger, an individual can control just how much is dispensed. There is also cartridges available therefore the user will get more comfortable with them ahead of needing it. And, finally, the JPX Jet Protector from Piexon may be the ultimate in pepper guns. They are manufactured from durable material highly, and than dispensing pepper spray through ruthless rather, they work with a pyrotechnic charge which shoots actually, not “propels”, the pepper spray over 20 feet and at speeds of 400 mph upwards.

Pepper spray

In addition they offer training cartridges, along with numerous kinds of pepper spray and gel cartridges. And, they will have models with or lacking any onboard laser. They are the best in pepper guns and also have been carried for legal reasons enforcement agencies in Europe for more than a decade. They’re from Switzerland and so are certainly worth looking into if you’re considering some type of -defense weapon for the or all your members.

The Kimber Pepper Blaster usually retails for about $50. The Mace Pepper Gun usually retails for about $80. And, the JPX Jet Protector usually retails for about $300, although you can find complete kits available offering holsters, extra cartridges and such for a bit more just. As fiscal conditions continue steadily to worsen in lots of places so when people are more and much more desperate to place up for grabs and settle payments, is most likely to continue steadily to increase certainly. Don’t leave your to chance. A pepper gun could be the right weapon for you personally just.


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