Do I Have A Life Out Of Balance?

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And what can you do about it? Balance is more of a feeling than an act, although lots of individuals refer to it as a balancing “act.” Most of us know when we are feeling out of balance. Many people remark that things feel best when work and home are balanced. If you are feeling like this, you may want to take a little time to celebrate as you have achieved something that many only dream of!


If, however, you do not feel like this, you can join the ranks of well over half of the populace. Many many women feel like life is out of equilibrium and as though it’s high time for change. So how do you know if your life could be more balanced? Or that they spend their time doing things for others? If these feelings resonate with you, you are not alone. It’s not tough to see why finding a balance between home and work can become a daunting task when one is feeling like that.

That’s why so many remain in an area of challenge. It’s quite simple really: When we are worn down, tired, feeling like we have no good options, and responding badly to people around us, we produce a downward spiral that feeds itself. Usually it takes a huge event to knock us on another route. Fortunately consciousness is a key in all this, and when we could identify that feeling of lack of control, we could also start to take it back.

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So in the event you can do nothing else now but the next, please consider two little steps: Step one is “understanding” — and you are already working on this aspect by reading this. The next step is rest. Simply, start getting the rest you’re lacking.

No matter how much that little voice in your head tells you that you can not manage to do it, argue back and get some sleep. Most likely you are first inner reaction is to fight this particular solution, but approval and rest will provide you the strength to start to implement change that will enable you to take your life back. Time is precious my buddy. Get some rest. We’ll discuss more in the morning.