Saviez-vous ceci sur les femmes musulmanes célibataires ?

Whether it be single Muslim men or women that the Koran is treated to each of the Muslims and it states that the female and male’are made from the only soul’.The women’s right in accordance with the Islam faith are the right to acquire education, to work and earn, to possess independent land, equality of benefits for equal work, to express the opinion and to be heard, to deny marriage that doesn’t please her and so on and so on.


Women’s dress according to the Islamic culture is based on the principle of feminine modesty, purity and chastity. Some of them wear a small dress including loose clothing and a scarf over the head and under the chin, and a few wear a burkah that’s a full covering from head, head down to the toes. Muslim women have played a very important role in the Muslim community. Early Muslim girls served the community through scholarships, teaching, nursing and other significant activities. In Islam there is absolutely no difference between the men and the girls so far as the connection to Allah is concerned, as both are rewarded in precisely the identical way for good behaviour and punished in exactly the exact same way for poor conduct.

Single Muslim girls

They have specific restrictions in the society. They can’t expose their beauty; they shouldn’t go to public baths and swimming pools throughout the typical hours where guys also come. They have to lower their eyes and not see guys with bad intentions. They ought to be cautious in the dancing halls and gymnasiums and they need to be permitted to visit the mosque if they desire so. The only Muslim country which forces the girls to wear hijab is Iran. In other nations, the girls are given a choice about the hijab based on the level of faith they have in the reading of their spiritual texts. The hijab ought to be worn when she moves from her family home.

A Muslim female is needed to dress in a special way when she moves in the general public. A Kashmiri Muslim woman wears a loose pheran up to knee length. They also wear bunches of ear rings, the weight of it will be supported by a thick silver chain. Overall, the women’s little dress protects the society from adultery and other prohibited sexual relations that result in the break up of families and corruption of the society.


Muslim women and men have to lower their gazes. They shouldn’t mix with one another. There isn’t any dating, dance, or blended social gatherings in Islam. To help the women and men to find their very best life partner without dating in person, there are lots of dating agencies and internet agencies that help them to encounter prospective spouses sitting at home.