How To Protect Yourself Without Using Lethal Force?

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How Can You Protect Yourself Without Using Lethal Force? Most self defense legislation dictates that you shield yourself if no escape is possible, and only with force equal to or less than that of the attacker’s force, or intent of drive. What does this mean to you? Basically, if someone punches you in the face, you’re not justified to pull a gun out and shoot him unless you can demonstrate that a punch constituted a risk to your life.

Be aware

Women generally have more leeway with this law just due to the difference in size and strength between the genders. Nevertheless, it’s necessary to use equivalent force whenever it’s sensible to do so. How do you stay safe and inside the bounds of the law if you can’t fit your attacker’s size and strength? Just use what you have. Intuition Trust your instincts. If something does not feel right it probably is not. Too often we sit around and cultivate a circumstance, hoping it is going to get better.

We don’t wish to offend anyone or seem to be impolite or paranoid. So we remain in a situation when all of the alarms in our mind are moving off. You can always apologize later if you’re wrong and hurt somebody’s feelings. You can not reverse the effects of being victimized. Strength You might not be physically more powerful than a possible attacker, but you need an inner strength called assurance.


Like predators in the animal kingdom, criminals will look for the weakest prey. If you exude confidence, and walk with a goal, you’re not as likely to be a target. Intelligence Educate yourself on self defense. If at all possible, attend a self defense course. Many local law enforcement agencies provide these classes for girls. If you can’t attend a course or one isn’t available, get a self defense training DVD. You can learn basic techniques from the comfort of your own home. Non lethal weapons You aren’t legally covered if you shoot somebody because their physical dimension frightened you.

Not only that, but murdering somebody has serious emotional side effects. When at all possible, use a non lethal self defense product like pepper spray or a stun gun. While they aren’t designed to kill or permanently maim anybody, they could disable your attacker long enough that you get to safety.


Ultimately, the objective of self defense is to stay safe and escape from the threat and get to safety. The best practice would be to have the ability to achieve this without using lethal force.