Comment se protéger ? Lisez-moi !

Le voleur regarde une femme asiatique, qui marche seule, et attend de lui voler son téléphone.

Nous ne préférons jamais penser qu'un malheur puisse nous arriver ou surtout arriver à quelqu'un qui nous est cher, comme par exemple notre conjoint ou nos enfants. Mais il y a deux mots que nous devons comprendre, à savoir l'évitement et l'anticipation, en ce qui concerne les problèmes personnels. -defense and protection. On the full years I’ve tried to instruct my children to believe in these terms.


Do your very best in order to avoid any dangerous circumstances and areas first. Don’t jeopardize your en ne planifiant pas votre programme de voyage à l'avance et de vous découvrir dans de hauts zones. Si vous faites votre jogging, or shopping make an effort to anticipate the criminal’s thinking pattern. Continually be alert to your surroundings to visualize the attackers’ hiding places or their method of . Utiliser les nombreuses formes d'autodéfense qui existent.

Purchase one and learn to use it. One particular device can be an electronic burglar alarm. These devices create a quick piercing noise and may confuse an assailant momentarily, offering you sufficient time and energy to flee. Keep it handy so that you can reach for quick access – usually do not keep it hidden in underneath of one’s handbag. If you don’t have a very personal protection alarm, simply result in a loud racket yourself by yelling and being as noisy as you possibly can simply, and in addition screaming “call the authorities” – in case you are noisy enough, this may be just as efficient because the personal burglar alarm.

Bon à savoir

Pour les personnes qui disposent d'une alarme individuelle, appliquez-la et criez aussi. Si vous vous retrouvez coincé, essayez d'abord de parler à un agresseur sans le provoquer. car le fait de paraître effrayé ou anxieux peut certainement déclencher une agression. N'oubliez pas que les gestes du corps sont essentiels dans des circonstances hostiles, et gardez donc toujours une distance suffisante entre vous et l'agresseur.

Grit your teeth whenever imminent danger threatens. Freak out can disable you, therefore once more it’s beneficial to learn to maintain control of one’s in an exceedingly troublesome circumstance. In the event you do need to fight, implement the “bash and dash” method. The most crucial bashing spots on the attacker are their eyes, nose area, mouth, the ears, throat, groin, knees and shins also; choose whatever is quickest to attain actually. Whenever attacked from never wrestle forward behind, you’ll tire yourself out simply.

Foncez plutôt vers l'arrière pour que vous the assailant while stomping on the lower feet and legs. When you have accomplished most of your reason for stunning or shocking the assailant even, flee as as possible preferably towards a crowded area quickly. They are some basics regarding self-defense tactics. I’d also encourage one to consider going for a self-defense class to help expand improve your personal protection . Remember “anticipation and avoidance” of dangerous circumstances and areas will be the very best forms of protection on your own as well as your .

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