Comment obtenir un soulagement de la congestion des sinus ?

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Nasal congestion is a condition where your nasal passages become blocked, making it difficult to breathe. It is basically a condition in which the nasal passages become blocked by swollen membranes. This can be caused by inflammation of blood vessels. The nasal membranes are then compelled to secrete extra mucus to eliminate any irritation caused by bacteria, viruses, allergens, or other foreign objects.

Nasal Congestion

Common causes of nasal congestion include chronic influenza, cystic Fibrosis, common colds, prolonged use of decongestants sprays, sinus infection and measles. You may also experience allergy to certain irritants like dust, smoke or pet dander. A foreign body, or any anatomical defect such as a slight deviation in the nasal septum, can also cause obstruction to the nose.

Sinus congestion, a painful condition known as irritation, can cause sleep disruptions and irritation to sufferers. Mild headaches and facial discomfort are two other symptoms that sufferers report. There are many ways to get symptomatic relief. These include increasing fluid intake, blowing the nasal passages, and avoiding irritants such as cigarette smoke. The patient should also be able to lie down on a bed with his head slightly raised and use pillows.


A humidifier can also be used to reduce sinus congestion symptoms. A humidifier can help to relieve dry nasal membranes which can lead to worsening of the condition. It releases water vapors that are inhaled by the patient and moisten the airways. Nasal irrigation is another popular way to remove excess mucus. A neti pot is used to perform the procedure. This container is used to clean and cleanse the nasal cavities.

It is filled with a salty solution that you pour into one nostril and push out through the other. This will help to loosen and thin the mucus, which will provide great relief from nasal congestion. Nasal irrigation is a great treatment for sinusitis. It significantly reduces pressure, headaches, and other symptoms.


All of the above-mentioned remedies have been proven to work, so you can be sure that the results will be positive, and without any side effects. It is better to use them all together than to stick to one remedy for the best results.