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Comment la ménopause affecte-t-elle la libido ?

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Le site ménopause and libido are connected because girls undergo a change in their libido on the coming of the menopause. What’s the definition of menopause? The menopause is the end of fertility in a woman. It’s when a female’s ovaries cease their production of the hormone œstrogène et conduisent à un amincissement de la muqueuse utérine.


Ovulation will go on to completely stop. The menopause is a totally natural stage for a middle aged woman to go through and you should not be alarmed about it. Women can be pensée of as technically at the menopause condition after an period of lack of ovulation that lasts for at least one year. Women almost all report a decrease in sex at the moment of their lives.

Given that this indicates the end of the fertile phase in a woman’s life, it is hardly surprising that the menopause reduces libido. Other symptoms include sécheresse vaginale, reduction of vaginal tissue and mood changes; all caused by the decrease in estrogen production. First of all, understand that it is normal to suffer from a diminished sexual desire and inability to generate love as often as you used to.

C'est bon à savoir !

Deuxièmement, il existe des moyens de stimuler votre libido pendant la ménopause et de maintenir une vie amoureuse raisonnablement active. C'est une excellente nouvelle pour les personnes qui subissent un décalage de libido dans leur couple. L'hormone reproductive clé chez les femmes est l'œstrogène. C'est ce qui favorise la libido féminine au milieu du cycle. De faibles niveaux d'œstrogènes pendant la ménopause contribuent à la perte de libido et à la diminution du désir sexuel.

What many women do not understand is that low levels of testosterone can also lead to lost libido. Testosterone is crucial for keeping the hormonal equilibrium optimal within your body. And low testosterone levels can occur to women at any age, young or middle-aged.

Niveaux de testostérone

Low levels of testosterone in women can occur for two major reasons. Mainly, menopause and medication are responsible for weakening the libido. Ladies do not have the exact levels of testosterone as men, but they still have some. That’s why when levels are low, having female libido testosterone is vital for helping sexual desire and libido levels return to normal. Testosterone, believe it or not, is equally as essential for the female sex drive as it is for the man. Among the effects of the menopause is that testosterone levels in women’s bodies are reduced. Its absence is another of the main causes behind decreased libido .


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