It Is True That Menopause Age You?

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There’s a quite a bit written about the process of menopause. The question at hand is if menopause really accelerates the aging process and if so, in what ways does menopause age you? Menopause is a natural process that girls undergo as their bodies start to age. Menopause is triggered when the ovaries start to release eggs and more infrequently.

What is happening?

When a woman stops having her monthly period and her ovaries no longer release eggs, she is in menopause. This procedure can take up to ten years before a woman is really in menopause. Normally, a woman goes true menopause in her early fifties when her period completely ceases. Peri-menopausal symptoms like sleeplessness, mood swings and vaginal dryness are a result of the decreasing levels of estrogen during the time period before menopause.

When we are answering the question of does menopause age you, obviously menopause itself really does cause the aging process to accelerate. One way that menopause ages you’re by making you more vulnerable to diabetes. As a woman goes through the process of menopause her ovaries gradually stop producing the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Both estrogen and progesterone affect the release of the hormone insulin, which in turns affects a woman’s ability to break down glucose, which makes her prone to developing diabetes in her later years.

Another area in which the accelerating effect of menopause is experienced is in the skin and other soft tissues of the body. Many women experience a diminished skin elasticity and thinning of the skin all around. A woman’s breasts may also become quite tender as a result of varying levels of estrogen in her body. So, once we wonder does menopause age you, obviously it does adversely affect the skin and other soft tissues of the body. Vaginal atrophy is another place where women experience the many affects of menopause. The skin of the vagina begins to thin and can get very itchy and dry.


A woman may also experience a loss of interest in sex as a result of pain caused in the increasing fragility of her vaginal skin. She may also experience an increase in susceptibility to urinary tract and vaginal yeast infections. So again, if we’re answering the question of does menopause age you, yes it will. The skeletal system is also affected by menopause. A woman may experience more joint and muscle pain with a drop in progesterone and estrogen.

So as to keep her bones strong, it’s essential for a post-menopausal girl to have a diet rich in calcium and also to do some weight-bearing exercises many times a week. In response to our question of does menopause cause aging, we must regrettably answer with a resounding yes. A small number of complications of menopause have been cited previously. There are a lot more complications in the aging process because of menopause which are important to take into consideration.


At this critical time in a woman’s lifetime, it’s essential for a woman to see her gynecologist on a regular basis. Additionally it is important for her to be educated about here wellness by maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly, taking health boosting nutritional supplements and considering hormone replacement therapy.