Allergies et asthme ?

On estime que plus de la moitié des Américains âgés de 6 à 59 ans ont un résultat positif à un ou plusieurs contaminants. On pense qu'environ un quart de ces personnes sont allergiques à...

Quels sont les avantages de la thérapie par le rire ?

Chaque fois que je parle aux gens de la nature curative de l'humour, je les incite à devenir des laughologues et, ce faisant, à s'engager dans un processus que j'appelle "exploiter le moment présent". Lorsque vous exploitez...

Which Are The Perimenopause Symptoms?

You was such a peace-loving individual - silent when a co-worker stabs you in the trunk to get a promotion that is supposed to be yoursso individual when the children are running around the...

Do You Need Advice On Menopause?

Women experience different symptoms during and after menopause, physicians prescribe various therapies, and societies have different views of menopausal women. The 1 thing that health experts can agree on is that women must have...

How Are Menopause And Migraines Related?

Women going right through menopause experience a number of symptoms starting from the less mild ones to the ones that tend to be more severe within their nature and effects. On the list of...

Are There Menopause Anxiety Remedies?

Menopause anxiety is extremely real and comes characterized by various symptoms. Among them is dizziness, stomach upset, hot flashes, insomnia irritability, sweating in excess, general restlessness and the list continues. Some problems like insomnia...
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