Existe-t-il des stratégies de sécurité pour les femmes solitaires qui prennent un taxi ?

Portrait d'une jeune femme triste assise dans un taxi. Berlin, Allemagne.

For a complete social and professional life, today’s se déplaceront la nuit. Malheureusement, la police prévient que les incidences are possible on public transportation specifically, including taxis. Being vigilant and alert to her surroundings is really a for women at night must.

Prenez note

  • Only enter taxis which are registered legally. Be familiar with what registered taxis appear to be, and don’t enter any car that claims to be always a taxi but does not have the correct registration and tags. In case a woman enters an unregistered car, she actually is basically engaging in an untraceable stranger’s car, resulting in an targeted and easier possible assault.
  • Know the legitimate, reputable cab bookings in the populous city. If visiting friends
  • She ought to be careful and cognizant if so when specifying her home address. To , to make sure listeners don’t glean an excessive amount of private information.
  • Sit in the relative back. Keeping a generous distance between your woman and the driver is really a smart means of avoiding crime. There may also be two doors that to exit of just one single instead.
  • Keep carefully the conversation professional. Although some taxi drivers are interesting and chatty, police advise women to help keep the conversation on a specialist level, a is less inclined to find herself in a good situation.
  • When arriving home back, a woman must have her keys easy to get at in order that she can glide into her residence quickly and seamlessly rather than standing around at night, fiddling inside her purse. If she feels safe with the driver especially, she can ask he not leave until she actually is in the door safely.
  • Trust instincts always. If something feels wrong, In case a taxi feels wrong, do not get in, or escape early.
  • Report all nagging problems or incidences.


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