Existe-t-il des méthodes naturelles pour lutter contre les bouffées de chaleur ?

Close-up of a blue pasqueflower (Pulsatilla pratensis)

A makes a feel as though her upper body is suddenly getting warm, but especially from the neck up. You’ll come across this illness mostly in women that are in , particularly . They may also be caused by certain types of drugs or customs.

Hot flashes are often accompanied by other symptoms including sweating, rapid heartbeat, nausea, flushed and dizzy spells. Sometimes hot flashes are accompanied by sweating in the middle of the night. These may be so intense as to wake you up through a deep and end up causing sleep problems. A hot flash can last from thirty minutes to a couple minutes.

They generally stick around for about 5 years but sometimes can last up to ten decades. The specific cause of hot flashes hasn’t yet been discovered, even though there’s ongoing research. Many specialists believe it is brought on by the estrogen. When this chemical drops it’s supposed that it directly affects the , which is responsible for regulating body temperature.

Due to this the body releases certain chemicals and the blood vessels in the skin start to dilate. As the temperature of the body raises a response happens and you begin sweating to be able to cool down. It’s important to be certain your diet and lifestyle habits are in order. This can go a long way in helping to care for your hot flashes.

Make certain you attempt to drink 8 glasses of water every day and stay as cool as possible. Don’t be economical about the air conditioning and use a fan if you want it. Try to work out as often as possible and keep away from cigarettes. Stop eating that’s hot or spicy. Additionally it is important to steer clear of drinks that contain alcohol and . techniques are extremely important when it comes to coping with hot flashes. For those who have time try to attend some ou classes.

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You could also do these in the comfort of your own home but courses have a tendency to keep one more inspired. breathing deeply whenever you’re overstressed. Several herbs also have been proven to decrease the symptoms of hot flashes. and Pasque Flower are proven to keep the feminine body in prime during menopause. If you’re not sure about how much to take or that is better then speak with a naturopath in your city or town. Also, be certain your doctor knows that you are using herbs as part of your treatment program.


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