Are There Home Cures For The Common Cold?

A cup of herbal tea with fresh mullein flowers

Modern research has discovered that a number of the home cures for the common cold used by our ancestors have merit. There are thousands of scientific research about orange juice, chicken soup, herbal, green and black tea as well as the common cold. Some of the elements of these and other organic remedies can help prevent, in addition to treat viral infections.

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Since there’s no true cure, pharmaceutical concoctions could be ineffective and frequently have unwanted side effects, home remedies for the common cold might be the smartest choice. Anti-oxidants. This is what we hear the most about. Fruits and vegetables contain the most, but chicken is a fantastic source of selenium, a trace element necessary for proper immune system function.

Studies concerning green tea and the common cold concentrated on the polyphenons or catechins, the anti-oxidants found in black, green and a few herbal teas. Anti-oxidants work by destroying free radicals and reducing cellular damage. Thus, much study has related to cancer prevention and treatment. Perhaps among the oldest home remedies for the common cold, recent scientific studies of the health benefits of green tea have been continuing for at least the past thirty years. In the late seventies it was discovered that the catechins from green tea prevented crop damage from the tobacco mosaic virus by curbing the growth of the virus.

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Most of what we know about viruses now has come from studying plant viruses such as the tobacco mosaic. In the early nineties, 1 research team discovered that both anti-oxidants derived from green and black tea had a powerful influence on the flu virus and concluded that these could inhibit viral activity. Fruit juices have been considered home remedies for the common cold. Both orange and lemon juice are excellent sources of vitamin C, among the most famous anti-oxidants.

Vitamin C

There have been countless more research about vitamin C and the common cold than there have about green tea and the common cold. Numerous books have been written about the topic. While some researchers disagree about the quantity of vitamin C required for general good health, most the study indicates that the demand for vitamin C supplementation increases when a person has a cold. Blood tests have shown that levels of vitamin C in the blood stream are rapidly depleted during a viral infection.

Mullein Tea

Other home remedies for the common cold include mullein tea (temporarily opens clogged breathing passages and soothes the throat) and horehound tea (alleviates coughs). Eating a normal meal is difficult once the nose is stuffy, but maintaining and even enhancing nutrition in a cold is essential. Warm teas and soups can help alleviate symptoms and improve appetite. Spices, such as garlic, ginger, turmeric and black pepper are natural immune system boosters and when added to warm soup may go a long way to make you feel a good deal better. To find out more about home remedies, green tea and the common cold, take a look at the Immune System Booster Guide.