¿Por qué debería probar una dieta saludable durante la menopausia?

Crispy dried seaweed on wooden plate

Menopause can be a very frustrating problem for many women, but it’s inevitable. However, women don’t have to experience the amount of discomfort they do. Hot flashes are only expected to become a normal part of menopause, but they can be prevented. By making a few adjustments to your diet you’d be surprised by how fast the hot flashes disappear.

¿Lo sabías?

Soybeans contain several substances, including daidzein and genistein which are estrogenic. This will help to control hot flashes. Because the Japanese have a diet rich in soy, just 7% of Japanese women experience hot flashes during menopause. The soy product, tofu is particularly perfect for mimicking the action of female hormones. Other foods that you ought to incorporate into your diet are vegetable fats (rather than animal proteins), tofu, fiber-rich foods such as whole grains, fresh vegetables, magnesium-rich foods, calcium-rich foods, mineral-rich foods, and foods with high vitamin E content, such as green leafy vegetables, almonds, cold-pressed oils, and nuts.

Adding sea vegetables to your diet can help replenish electrolytes which are generally lost during extreme perspiration. Drinking loads of water is vital for this exact same reason also. Besides eating certain foods, there are also certain foods that you should avoid to stay hot flashes in bay. Spicy foods, excess alcohol, sugar, caffeine, dairy products, and meat products may exacerbate and worsen the tripping of hot flashes, in addition to mood swings. The reason hot flashes flare up when you drink alcohol or caffeine is that the blood is acidified and this breeds the liver.

Quit smoking

Smoking also worsens the impact of hot flashes. Keeping a regular exercise regimen is also helpful in controlling hot flashes. Often a woman starts to feel down when she’s going through menopause. It reminds you that you are getting older. Exercising every day can keep you fit and toned and makes you feel fantastic, regardless of what your age! Exercise can increase your estrogen levels, which in turn helps relieve hot flashes, or at least the seriousness of those.


Exercise also can help reduce the frequency of a number of the other negative side effects of menopause such as depression, sleeplessness, headaches, fatigue, lethargy, nervousness, irritability, and night sweats. Don’t let menopause take charge of your life. You can not control its occurrence, but you can take charge of how it impacts your life. By making some adjustments to your diet and lifestyle, you can get through this time and come out on the other hand more fit and healthier than ever!