¿Por qué debe actuar ahora?

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During their menopause years, some girls become more interested in making love and trying new things with their adoring partner than they ever were, but others find their desire gradually becoming non-existent. Months can pass until they fully realize there is a significant issue. Being in pain, feeling unwell, being uninterested or not able to make love due to antidepressants, relationship difficulties or family concerns can contribute to difficulties in the bedroom.

About libido

Decreased libido is usually brought on by hormonal fluctuations – reduced levels of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. All these hormones has a particular role in assisting you to become interested in being intimate with your spouse. Estrogen can help you to feel heightened sensitivity and keeps your sexual organs receptive and moist. Progesterone retains your libido awake. Testosterone, called the’desire hormone’, also ensures you could get ready for intercourse! When these hormones fall, so does your general desire for physical intimacy.

Vaginal dryness, which is a frequent complaint of women at menopause. It may make comfortable penetration impossible. Declining estrogen levels can cause thinning of your vaginal walls and less lubrication. Intercourse can range from embarrassing to extremely debilitating. Frequent mood swings can make it tough to plan intimate times ahead of time, or get in the mood while it’s occurring. You might want to, 1 minute, but you could be completely contrary to it the next.

Tenga en cuenta

Self-image can be a substantial element in a woman’s desire for closeness. If you feel uneasy with the way your body might have shifted through your melancholy years, it might affect your willingness to share physical intimacy with your spouse. Incontinence, weight gain and changes in skin and breasts can all affect how you feel about making love. Women who have undergone surgical menopause may have a hard time accepting their new bodies.

There are lots of reasons for not making love, but did you know that there are at least 15 health-enhancing advantages to having sexual intercourse with a loving partner? Chief among the health benefits of sex for girls is it can help you live longer! Other benefits include lowering tension and pain, increasing the body’s production of estrogen, slowing aging, better sleep, increasing your self-esteem, burning calories, feeling happier, feeling intense enjoyment and a lot more! If the health benefits of sex are not enough to inspire you to make love more frequently, don’t quit!

¿Lo sabías?

There are a number of things you can do to naturally enhance your libido and ability to have a excellent time between the sheets during and after menopause! It’s interesting that researchers say the biggest factors in being willing and ready to make love as you age are your health, and side effects from medications for hypertension, depression, and diabetes! While communication is the most important help to closeness, and the need for closeness never goes away, sometimes you have got to get back to basics to put yourself up for long-term achievement.

It’s vital for lifelong health to take proper care of your physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing. It’s especially significant in your 40s and 50s to do what is needed to solve health challenges immediately, should they look, and make adjustments to lifestyle choices that you have been living with since your 20s or 30s. This implies options re: food, drink, exercise, water consumption, etc.. Lifestyle choices, not drugs or added hormones, will have a lasting effect to increase your sex drive and permit you to enjoy better health and health as you get older. When you properly nourish yourself with healthy foods, the ideal supplements, and other healthier lifestyle choices, it is more probable that your body will have the ability to balance your hormones naturally.


Not convinced that you will need to take action today? You might want to try to remember that change can be hard enough without being pressured to do it later when you are old or sick, or both! The importance of making these changes takes on new significance when you consider that it might extend the years you are in a position to enjoy pleasure and intimacy with your spouse. Look for natural menopause remedies which could enable you to take back control of your life, and feel and look better than you ever have. A lot can be achieved without drugs or added hormones, to help you feel more comfortable with your changing body, enhance your sex drive and keep the joy in your bedroom!