¿Por qué debe dejar que su hijo se ensucie?

Toddler girl with curly hair and pink and green polkadot skirt playing in sand and water (cropped)

Are you still following your child around worrying that they may stain their clothes? Do you stop playing outside because they may get dirty? Do you see germs and infections in each step they take? Are you trying to keep away friendly puppies or adorable kittens since they may be disease carriers?


Do some of the sentences above reflect your attitude towards your child? If so, you need to reconsider. Depriving your child of bodily contact with the”Dirty, Outside World” is bad for its health. Sound unbelievable? How do something full of germs be necessary to get a child’s development? To start with, your kid, at the years between childhood and puberty, develops its immune system. The immune system is designed to defend the organism against millions of bacteria, parasites, microbes, viruses and toxins. But it ought to be trained; only us muscles need exercise to work properly.

So as to recognize harmful germs, it ought to meet them. Then it generates an archive, where it’s all installed. When the time comes for a battle, the immune system will be ready because it understands the enemy. Pure exposure to different microorganisms and other environmental variables contributes to pure immune immunity. That means, that the child will be less susceptible to disease later in life.

Don’t worry

So, don’t worry in hygiene issues. Let your child’s immune system harden, with the support of dirt. Your kid needs also to be busy, run around and feel happy playing outdoors. Worrying about spots will make the child feel guilty about actions which make it happy. You can’t replace that happiness with clean clothes, or with indoor inactive pursuits such us TV or video games. This is particularly true during the school year. Imagine being seated in a chair while undergoing energy and growth spurts! Getting loose outside house will help the child cope with that pressure.

Don’t underestimate your children’ explorative skills. By exploring -not the home of course- it finds the world. Exploration boosts the imagination in addition to creativity, physical and social abilities. Well-developed physical skills lead to a healthy body. Creativity will bring adaptability, and social skills will bring success and psychological health. All these will eventually turn into an active kid, into a lively, successful healthier adult. Let friendly creatures approach your child. They won’t hurt it; they’ll be of advantage.


By keeping animals away you instruct your child to do the same. Have you ever considered having a pet? Children raised with pets reveal many advantages. Developing positive opinions about pets can result in a child’s self-esteem and self-confidence. Your child will develop trusting relationships with others much easier. A fantastic relationship with a pet can also help in creating non-verbal communication, empathy, and compassion. Finally, how important do you think memories are? Memories are moments of our lives, forming our character. What do you want your child to keep in mind out of its childhood memories? Clean, germ-free clothes? Or shiny days out, full of laughter and a sense of adventure? Are you afraid of dirt? You don’t have to be, after all, dirt is health! So, let your child go and play outside, loose in the dirt. Join in if you get jealous, you may want to get a bit dirty too!