¿Por qué hay que tener cuidado al conducir de noche?

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Why Should Women Be Careful Driving at Night? It’s true that it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman. You should be careful when you’re driving. Additionally, it does not matter if you’re driving at day or at night. You should be cautious either way. However, you need to understand that extra care ought to be done when you are a woman and you are driving at night.

But, why?

It’s because a great deal of criminals prowl the road at night. It’s easy to see why this is true. They can perform their offenses in the cover of darkness. Moreover, there are fewer people around. If they do find a goal, usually a woman, they are confident that there’s hardly any chance that somebody will witness the offense. This lessens the possibility of someone coming to the assistance of the victim. You’re still not safe inside your vehicle. Plenty of girls feel secure inside their cars.

All they do is that they lock the doors and they believe they can drive around safely. Well, that is not really true. Criminals today have come up with various strategies so as to still victimize women that are driving at night.

They point a gun

This normally happens when you are at a stoplight or you are driving slowly. A criminal will point a gun at you, demanding that you open the door. Since your windows aren’t bulletproof, you don’t have any option but to open the door. He can easily get in and make you drive into a more secluded location. We must deal with the fact that generally speaking, women do not know a lot about cars. Let’s say that you are having troubles changing a flat tire. A criminal will see you as a goal and play the hero. Since he is helping you, there is a great likelihood that you will put your guard down. Once the spare tire is set up, he can then force you inside the vehicle. He’ll take the car and he will take you with it.

They bump your vehicle

This is just another notorious strategy. You’re driving at night when suddenly, someone bumps your car from behind. Needless to say, your first instinct would be to go out and inspect the damage. This puts you in danger. There are a great deal of different strategies that offenders use to victimize women that are driving at night. This is the reason you need to be careful and you need to be ready. Rocco Sarracino is married and living with his wife and family in Helendale, CA. He’s a martial arts teacher and self-defense expert with over 30 years experience teaching people and companies to be more aware and protected from offense.