¿Por qué la defensa personal debe ser una opción para todas las mujeres?

Niños con adultos practicando técnicas eficaces de defensa personal en la sala de entrenamiento

Remember when you’re told to shout Fire rather than Rape or Help in case you ever got attacked? Ever wonder why? I believe the answer is straightforward and is still true now – people just don’t want to consider or become involved in harsh things. If you do not think about it, perhaps it will go away or not exist in any way.

Women security

Unfortunately, this attitude can only hurt girls. Women, me and you, must be aware – we need to get prepared. Have a peep hole installed in your front door. Keep doors locked at all times. If someone knocks at your door do not open it, if you don’t know who’s there and are confident it is safe to open. Never admit that you’re alone. All entrances and garages should be well lit. Keep 1 light on in the house at night.

Get a dog

Any police officer will tell you that a barking dog is a deterrent. But in the event that you can not have a dog, at least get an Electronic Watch Dog – place these in your house and any possible intruder will be declared by the warm fuzzy sounds of a German Shepherd standing guard. If at all possible get a surveillance system.

Surveillance program

A wireless surveillance program is best because there in no costly installation; you could move the cameras, that include it, to various places; and you can choose the system with you in the event that you move.


Keep a stun gun or a Taser or pepper spray beside your bed. Lock your car anytime you’re inside it for security. Also, lock it if you park it, even in your driveway to keep someone from hiding indoors.

More tips

When parking at night, pick a place that’s well lit. Anytime you approach your car look around and inside before getting in. In parking areas know other people, particularly those close to your vehicle.

If you believe you’re being followed drive to a public place or police station for support. Carry a mobile phone if your car breaks down. Keep loads of gasoline in the gas tank.

If possible travel on well lit streets. Keep a stun gun or stun baton in your vehicle. When you leave your vehicle for repairs don’t leave your house key on the key chain. If possible don’t walk alone.

Stay in well lit areas as much as possible. Don’t take shortcuts where you may be in a deserted area. Always be conscious of your surroundings.

Walk and act confidently; do not appear vulnerable. Keep a stun gun or pepper spray in your hand or on your belt, not on your purse. Walk near the curb preventing doors and alleys where someone can hide.

If someone stops you for instructions, answer from a distance rather than near their car. If you carry a handbag hold it close to your body.

Trust your instincts.

If you believe you are in danger don’t be afraid to pull attention – this isn’t the time to be bashful. Seriously think about carrying a stun gun or pepper spray with you. A mini stun gun is powerful and easy to use. You might want to take a camouflaged stun gun such as the mobile phone stun gun that appears exactly like a mobile phone. This special design gives you an important strategic advantage. Pepper sprays are available in many distinct styles that will fit any circumstance. Pepper sprays, like stun guns, although highly effective, cause no permanent damage.