Why Is Menopause Weight Gain Dampen My Sexual Desire?

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Life has a way of altering the physical body as the years pass. The muscles aren’t as powerful as they once were, the skin starts to lose its softness and elasticity. With a small amount of work, however, it’s possible to maintain the body in top physical condition and cause the skin to stay soft. One of the things which changes is sexual appetite.

Weight Gain

Menopause weight gain may be a part of the process of change that girls experience. The result doesn’t have to be the reduction of excitement and excellent desire. So much has been written and said about weight and the things which may be done to fight against gaining extra weight which not much more info is required. What has to be known is that sexual desire doesn’t need to suffer as a consequence of weight gain.

People become afraid that they’re not longer desired and that thought alone could cause the resistance to eating too much food to grow poorer. Since you think you aren’t attractive any more, you become angry at the notion that your spouse may think the same, even though that might not be at all accurate, so you consume even more. The reality is that your mind will decide whether you continue on this downward spiral.

Sexual desire

It can stay strong through the different phases of life. Among the things you have to do is keep sex as a particular part of your connection. Don’t take it for granted. Just because you’ve been together for years don’t believe you know everything about your spouse or completely know the things he or she loves.

Talk about sex. Learn about what you can do to boost your spouse’s desire which will subsequently increase your own. Make sex a unique project and treat it like a special moment that has to be cared for just like a precious gem.


Sexual desire will be as powerful as you prepare yourself to create it. Instead of sex being something that you do on the spur of the moment after the lights have been turned off, think about it during the day. Imagine strategies of making your partner feel special. Do things out of the ordinary. Surprise your spouse in a manner that completely takes them by surprise. You will find that volatile passion has been there all along.