¿Por qué es importante la risa para la salud?

mujer joven con una hermosa sonrisamujer joven con una hermosa sonrisa

We’re going to talk about for reasons why laughter is healthy for your body. Laughter enhances our immune system and our general functions. As you probably know, stress is one of the top factors in health problems now. The world we live in is quite fast paced and stressful for lots of men and women.


It is a superb way to eliminate some of the stress we experience on a daily basis. The primary reason that laughter is so important is because it really changes our body’s chemistry for the better. Worry and stress on the other hand, also change our body’s chemistry to the worse. Worrying about something doesn’t work in any way. It doesn’t do anything about the issue in hand, except for creating health problems for you.

Stress and stress harms the immune system, which protects you against diseases and cancers. Healthy immune systems are a key for living a long and enjoyable life. Cytokinins and interferon levels almost twice after a great dose of laughter. These are natural killer cells which are located in our body. The effects of doubling be utilized two substances in our body can last for as much is per week.

¿Lo sabías?

If you listen to positive motivational tapes and calm music, then you can experience the identical result as laughing. You might have heard of Norman Cousins. He’s widely known for using laughter to deal with is horrible arthritic condition. He reported that a great dose of laughter on a regular basis would give him up to 2 hours of pain free living. Laughter reduces stress, which boost your immune system and affects your health directly.

Increased stress will enable you to get more colds, while placing you in a greater risk for cancer and cardiovascular disease. Stress damages your whole immune system, not just parts of it. I’m sure almost everyone has heard of the AIDS disease. This disorder only harms a part of your immune system. If this is true, you can imagine what stress does to your body. Keep your stress level is reduced by laughing. Perhaps you have heard of cortisol? It’s a stress hormone in our body that we create a lot of in today’s society.


High levels of cortisol can cause physical harm to the immune system. Laughing will prevent elevated levels of cortisol building up in your body. These are four primary reasons why you need to ensure you laugh on a daily basis. There are many more health advantages to being happy and stress-free, but laughter is a superb place to start.