Why Ignoring Herbs Is Suicidal?

Adaptogenic food

It’s a fast-paced world today. We work around the clock to satisfy our wants and needs. Unaware of the alarming levels of stress we are putting ourselves through, it’s a fast-paced world. Consequence? Life-threatening diseases. We want treatment to be quick and efficient. Is there a way around this? There is an approach that many of us have considered but may not be able to execute.

Here’s the deal

We use herbs to prevent us from getting any disease, and to treat less serious illnesses. To counter more serious diseases, we use two-pronged approaches. We use modern medicine’s diagnostic tools to identify the disease and decide whether to use herbs or chemicals. Prevention is better than treatment, it’s true. Include herbs in your daily snack or meal.

  • Cumin Seeds: These are good for your digestion. The good news is that even frying does not reduce its nutritional value. However, it should be fried lightly.
  • Pepper: This is good to your throat. To have a clear and healthy throat, include pepper in your daily meals. You can either eat pepper raw or fried. It is best to prepare the pepper fresh and use it immediately if it is raw.
  • Ginger: This herb is a wonder. This herb has many benefits, including good digestion and toxin elimination. It can also be used as an aphrodisiac. It can be used in any form you want: cut, grate or ground.
  • Garlic: This herb is the most effective in preventing disease.
  • Indian Gooseberry: This is one of the most powerful immune-boosters.


It is no wonder that it is so widely used in almost all Ayurvedic formulas. These wonder herbs can be eaten raw or soaked in honey every morning. You won’t need to take Asipirin or Paracetamol as often.

  • Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera): This combination of herbs is an excellent preventive mechanism for a lack of flexibility and agility. You will feel as fit as a fiddle when you mix a teaspoonful of it with water (preferably lukewarm). It neutralizes excess acid and gives you a “light” feeling. It works! I could go on and on, but it’s possible I will need to write a book. I think I have made the point. Herbs are a great way to prevent us from getting more severe diseases.
  • Mint leaves: Indigestion is a common problem. Instead of taking Gelusil or any other formulations, you might try chewing some mint leaves. It can also be used to combat bad breath.
  • Eucalyptus Oil: Minor abrasions and muscle pain can easily be treated with Eucalyptus oil. * Banana: It is great for cracked heels. Apply a Banana pulp to the affected area. You will notice a difference in a few days by applying it several times per day for a couple of weeks.
  • Beetle leaves: Apply a few drops clarified butter to your temples if you suffer from an excoriating headache. Apply one beetle leaves to each temple, just above the area where you have applied clarified butter. It is better to place the beetle leaves on a very low flame for a few seconds before placing them on your temples.
  • Tea Tree: Tea tree oil is well-researched for its medicinal properties. This oil can be used to treat dandruff and other skin conditions caused by bacteria or fungus.
  • Fenugreek is an excellent herb that acts as a coolant. Even if you have severe stomach pain, it works like a charm. What’s more? It never fails to deliver, even in difficult situations like menstrual cramps. Use a few teaspoons of this miracle herb with buttermilk, curd, or plain water. It will never let you down, I can assure you. The list goes on. Can you think about these ideas and do some research? You can create a time-table for herbs and their treatment and you’ll be able to give the doctor’s a run (ok, it may be exaggerated as the cost of medical professionals is unexplainable, but this is just to make things clear).
  • Garlic: Again! Even if your cholesterol has been high for a while, you can now start taking it and you will see a difference in a few months or even weeks. It works, according to those who have tried it. Take a few cloves raw garlic before you go to bed. Honey can be added if you are unable to bear the pungent flavor.
  • Hawthorn: For a long time, Hawthorn has been known to lower cholesterol. It can also be used to treat it.
  • Flax: This wonder herb is true to its name. This herb is undoubtedly the most studied in modern times. It lives up to every promise it makes. It reduces cholesterol, improves digestion, and maintains a ‘glow’ on the skin. Blend 2 teaspoonfuls flax, and then sieve it. The residue should be taken out within 5-10 minutes after grinding.
  • Budwig Mixture is a product that contains flax as its main ingredient to fight cancer. This section is very conservative, as chronic diseases must be taken into consideration.


You can continue your research along these lines and consider herbal remedies, but only with expert guidance. Most herbs are predictable. Some herbs can be taken for granted, and you could get into trouble. You should follow the dosage guidelines to avoid any unwanted problems. Ground flax seeds should be consumed within 5-10 minutes of being ground. Otherwise, it can turn rancid and cause more harm than good. You may experience complications if you take Indian Gooseberry preparations past a certain point. Take it easy and live a healthy lifestyle.