¿Por qué nos besamos?

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Imagine curling up on a soft rug in front of a cracking fire with your spouse. There’s nothing more natural than to have warm kiss and cuddle, is there? But have you ever thought about why we kiss each other? Whether it is a quick peck on the cheek of a friend, or a deep, arousing kiss that is a lead up to something hot, we all kiss.


It appears that the habit of people hearing probably originated from primitive times, with food being moved from the mother’s to her infant’s mouths. This lip contact grown into a way for moms to show affection for their children in much the same manner as moms do now. Somewhere along the line this further developed and turned into a way for adults to show intimacy.

Later – sometime during the sixth century – the approval of kissing between adults became evident in France, where figure dance was the style, with every dance being sealed with a kiss. This resulted in kissing becoming accepted as a means of adults to express their affection in courtship. The Russian nobility loved to replicate the French so kissing soon caught on in Russia too. It was in Russia that the kiss was initially integrated into the marriage ceremony, where the couple’s promises to one another were as in the first dance – sealed with a kiss.


Kissing is a means in which individuals show respect. The Romans kissed to greet one another, and one Roman emperor rated a individual’s significance by the body part that he was permitted to kiss. Those of importance were permitted to kiss his face, lesser nobles were permitted to kiss his hands, and others — those in the base of his serving positions — were to kiss his toes. The Romans had different levels of kisses too, much like we do now, with the profound (or French) kiss being the very romantic.

In Europe, the British are likely those who have held back when it comes to kissing. Southern Europeans were kissing buddies publicly long before the British considered the idea. However, modern women also find it natural to kiss a fantastic friend on the cheek as a means of showing their friendship provides them pleasure. Men, however, are still extremely reluctant to kiss a part of the same sex. Kissing makes us feel great, and because kissing leaves us with a positive attitude to life, it is actually healthy for all of us. So to live long and stay happy, get those lips working!