¿Cuáles son los cambios físicos y emocionales después de la menopausia?

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The onset of menopause marks a collection of physical and psychological change in a woman’s life. The reduction of estrogen levels leads to some slow degradation in a woman’s physical outlook, in addition to emotional changes that marks erratic mood swings, anxiety attacks, spells of despair, depression, suicidal impulses, and the likes.


The signs and symptoms commonly found in menopausal women only lasts for a year since the functions of the reproductive system gradually decreases until it finally stops in the end. But the psychological and physical effects might stay and become an issue if they don’t know how to take care of it. Post-menopausal signals involve hair loss, weight gain, weight loss, and skin dryness.

Additionally it is possible to endure excessive bleeding and scarring entails when a woman is involved in painful sexual intercourse with their partners which contributes to laceration in and out of the vagina. The physical changes are rather easy to handle and there are loads of techniques you can use to eliminate it from your system. Beauty tips, makeup, and herbal supplements are readily available to counteract your hair loss problem, skin dryness, and potential wrinkles you have acquired during the status. Weight gain is easily remedied with a strict diet plan coupled with the use of herbal supplements guarantees you will be shedding those unwanted pounds in a matter of weeks.

Mental health

The psychological and behavioral change caused by menopause is a time consuming endeavor. All individuals are ruled by their feelings and girls under menopausal are the most vulnerable to its effects. It may be quite tough for you to come back from an emotional installation caused by the hormonal imbalance that accompanies this condition. The constant bout of sadness, anxiety attacks, and depression may be carried over after menopausal and may be a critical hurdle if one wants to live normally — not only would they be a risk to themselves but also to people around them.


The only way to manage this is to understand the present phase of your life. You will need to bear in mind that the changes you’re feeling right now is because of hormonal imbalance in your body that’s due to the decrease of your reproductive capacities. A fantastic idea here is to divert your attention to more positive actions that will help keep you busy and to pay less attention to your emotions until you get used to it.

Physical activity is an excellent idea for women that are undergoing the consequences of menopause. Physical exercise, doing household chores, having fun, or educating their creativity with music or art is a excellent way to divert their attention from their erratic emotions and behaviour; and concentrate more on self-improvement.