Which are the Best Self Defense Products?

Young woman is defending with pepper spray against armed thief with knife.

Chances are pretty good that you’re reading this right now because crime has touched your life in some way or maybe you consider yourself at risk. Don’t be embarrassed. Nearly everybody is in that ship. But congratulations to you since it looks as if you’re thinking about getting more information about self defense products and how they can assist you.

The 3 Best Self Defense Products

You’re far ahead of your peers that are content to just let fate determine their fate. Self defense products are nonlethal by character. They’re intended to get to you from a dangerous situation so that you may seek help. They all do this in varying amounts. They all have their good and bad points. But when it comes to picking a self defense product that you want to get one that’s the best concerning cost, durability and benefits.

First let me state that there are hundreds of different manufacturers of self defense items from all over the world. Many of them you’ve never heard of and never will because they do not sell in our countries. Those countless manufacturers each make a vast assortment of products. So there are literally tens of thousands of items to select from. How do you know which are the best?

The Taser C2

Law enforcement officials assert this has more stopping power than a 9 millimeter handgun. It’s almost 100% effective. It was designed especially for women but everyone can use it. It shoots out two darts 15 ft to prevent an assailant dead in his tracks. At 4.5 million volts and $69.95 is among the greatest values in a self defense product. It’s a lifetime warranty too.

OC spray

It is a powerful substance containing capsaicin (Oleoresin Capsicum)— a derivative of cayenne pepper.

The Mace Pepper Gun

It has more pepper spray than any other defensive spray unit on earth. They could shoot around seven 25 foot shots. It utilizes renewable canisters of 10% solution of oleoresin capsicum (OC). It’s perfect dogs and human assailants. You may practice with an included water test cartridge.


By means of explanation I’ve been a distributor for self defense products for over four decades now so my remarks are based on feedback from clients, personal observations, and track records of the goods themselves. Here are the three most successful self defense products that you may get. Please note all self defense tools don’t have any long lasting effects.