¿Cuál es la relación entre el aumento de peso y la menopausia?

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By Richard Bragg, M.D. For many, a huge barrier or a potential roadblock to their weight loss program is menopause, or simply aging generally as a woman. For many, gaining weight as you age is a given, but it doesn’t have to be that way and you will find an assortment of things which you could do as an older girl to stop weight gain, or even to keep a weight reduction program.

¿Qué está pasando?

Being able to understand the changes which are occurring within your body, and what you can do about them is a significant step in the right direction and will continue to permit you to get more control over your weight loss objectives. For many, this weight gain starts well before menopause and may mean as much as a pound annually in weight gain- and after that is already on course it might appear hard to undo, but it isn’t.

The reasons why aging tends to have such a large effect on girls in regards to weight reduction is multifaceted. Many women aren’t as active as they grow older, eating more, and burning fewer calories. On the point about burning calories- this is natural, and not entirely a consequence of decreased activity though that can improve it. For anybody, as they age, the body starts to change the way it does things, making muscle to fat and slowing down the metabolism.


Throw in the genetic factors and it might seem like weight gain is inevitable, but it doesn’t need to be at all. There are a variety of things which you can do to circumvent aging and continue to have a healthy weight loss program and maintain a healthy weight for your needs. Aerobic and cardio workouts are especially effective for this, and strength training can’t just allow you to increase the metabolism, but also build muscle and strengthen your bones. If working out just is not something that appeals to you, sometimes something as simple as a daily walk or going out dancing on a regular basis can fit the bill.

Also knowing that your body requires approximately three hundred less calories as you age than it did in earlier years can enable you to craft your own weight loss plan in respect to that and also reduce the amount of caloric intake. Reducing your fat to approximately 20 to 35 percent of your daily caloric intake and being sure that you’re countering with an increased consumption of beneficial fats and fibers may also help, but could also decrease hormonal issues related to aging, also.


Growing older doesn’t really indicate that you need to accept certain physiological changes lying down and just let it happen. If you feel as if you’re wanting to be in control of your body and your weight loss, it merely means working and reworking your weight loss program about those changes and even simply implementing a couple of smaller changes can help. Give yourself the gift of health.