Where Do Moms Make Friends In The Digital Age?

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Before the Internet, mothers met each other at Mothers’ Centers, when they dropped off and picked up their children from nursery school, at child birth classes, in their area where mothers used to knock each others’ doors for coffee and a chat, and on the job.


As time rolled on, based on how chatty they were, moms also met at Starbucks, Legoland, summer camps, and parenting groups at schools. Moms formed play date classes, had girls’ nights out, and met at sports if they were so inclined. Then Came Mommy Blogs! There are now countless Mommy Blogs, so how do you choose who to join with? Searching the net myself and starting my own site, I’ve found that different sites and blogs as well as Facebook and Twitter draw different mommy personalities, beliefs, and talks.

I’ve noticed I have various visitors reading the same articles on my home website, Facebook and Twitter who have distinct needs and ideas. I’ve also found that different articles are preferred on my home website, Facebook and Twitter. So mothers favor reading in various places and finding friends there.

Es bueno saberlo

There are diverse topics on the broad assortment of Mommy Blogs from diapers and recipes to parenting and behavior angst. Different bloggers invite different degrees of candor and even bluntness about “real life” as a mother. The huge majority of blogging mothers are cordial, mind their etiquette, are nonjudgmental, supportive and kind. Some, however, are argumentative, confrontational, and extreme.

Some moms are soul looking for other moms that are adjusting to the changes motherhood brings. Some mothers want to go over husbands, partners,stay-at-home fathers, working life, and being different shapes and sizes as a female. Then there are bloggers that are in a particular country or area and many others who span the world.

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How Do You Make Friends on Mommy Blogs? Once you’ve settled into your favorite sites, you find a community. This is very much the manner buddy groups utilized to form in small geographical areas before blogging. Moms find other mothers who seem to believe alike and feel for one another. You find “best friends” that you can tell the “real stuff” to who answer in a jiffy if you want it.

In time, you can get to know “who you are talking to” and “to whom you may say what.” Pictures and videos allow you to conjure up what your friend looks like. Then, certain moms start to email so their discussions are more personal than comments and answers on blog websites. The largest change is when you use the phone and hear a real voice behind the written word. Now, that is making a friend. Or, you visit a mommy blogging seminar and meet that friend or even fly across the nation to get a one-on-one meet!

Nota final

Sometimes, you find like-minded bloggers who combine together on a single site where they discuss their sites and invite other bloggers to post. They edit content so the mothers are comfortable with each others’ writing and discover they’re really, making friends. These group blogging sites have a household tone.

Sometimes their children are of similar ages, even though they benefit also if there is a selection of ages, too. With different age children discussed on a single website, moms can look ahead to what is coming and discuss what’s gone with their kids. This is like any household where members are of different ages. As time flies by, which it always does when you are a mother, you discover you aren’t alone. This is what friendship is all about. You see in your friend’s face your manifestation. You mommy each other a little.

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