¿Cuándo esperar la menopausia?

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Menopause does not have a set age at which it arrives. There’s not a formula you can plug into a computer to have the solution. There are signs which you may watch for this can alert you to its impending arrival. First, bypassing a menstrual cycle for no apparent reason is a great sign and should be discussed with your physician.


While there are other reasons which you could cause your body to bypass cycles, such as diet or stress, it’s an excellent sign that your body is moving into perimenopause. Perimenopause symptoms can show up in the early to late thirties. Your body can remain in perimenopause for several years prior to reaching actual menopause.

Hormone fluctuation causes lots of the symptoms that are observed during pre and perimenopause that is the reason why it can last for several years. Other symptoms which point to your body being at a pre-menopausal or perimenopausal stage are symptoms such as weight gain around the hips, stomach or waist; facial hair growth; water retention, and much more.

These symptoms can show up in the early thirties and continue through the late forties. This age isn’t set in stone and is based on the average of many, many years of doctors’ data. This era is also known as the natural age for menopause. There are three unique ways women reach menopause, each occurring at different ages of life.

The age of menopause

This is the body’s natural age for menopause. Most women will undergo this between the ages of 44 and 55; roughly 20 to 30 years after first starting their menstrual cycle. Pre-mature menopause: This is menopause caused by earlier than normal by conditions such as anxiety, obesity, malnourishment, excessive dieting, anorexia or other ailments which aren’t chemotherapy or surgical related.

Artificial Menopause

This menopause is brought on by surgery, like a hysterectomy or can result from chemotherapy. The age of the menopause is determined by the time of this medical procedure. There’s not precise age for menopause. It can begin at a really young age if there are medical problems which warrant a hysterectomy or it may begin naturally in an older age. There’s not an exact science for determining at what age you’re likely to experience menopause. Knowing the signs to look for will make it easier to understand you’re heading towards menopause.