What To Know About The Feminine Power?

Mujer valiente mantiene los brazos en las caderas, sonriendo con confianza, proyectando la sombra de un superhéroe con capa en la pared. Concepto de ambición y éxito empresarial. Poder de héroe de liderazgo, motivación y símbolo de fuerza interior.

The female element lies dormant in all of us, eager to be recovered from the archives of the area of vision and myth. Basically, the feminine aspect encompasses the mysterious, nurturing, healing aspect engendered through unconditional love and intuition. It’s this element of our character, which joins us to spiritual truths and enables us to choose wisely in any particular moment.

Let’s remember

It’s our defense, and we’ve all but needed it, dare I say, intentionally educated from us at a pre-meditated dumbing-down of humankind. Historically, mankind has developed through different phases of matriarchal and patriarchal social trends. The pendulum has swung through micro and macro cycles where one sex has played a specific role in cultural dominance and obligation.

These tendencies are observed through varying developmental stages of our development both global and personal as we drift through life and this apparent pattern. Myth portrays archetypal patterns of our multi-dimensional psyche. They’re raw symbols of our essentially androgynous human character. Although social trends may change with time and style, the basic pattern remains contained within the seed of our conception.

Hoy en día

Today, at last, there’s a trend emerging among astrologers, psychologists and culture generally to resurrect the ancient Pagan gods and the artwork of Story-telling, that has been buried under centuries of patriarchal dominance. Myth and the universal unifying principles – they feature from the loom where the fabric of a family, tribe, and nation is woven. Myths and stories are told and sung because time before time. They form the fundamental design of our mind from one generation to another and from culture to culture with similar tendencies and varying forms.

Mythology is a language devised to talk on the instinctual airplane where answers aren’t understood, but felt with a excellent effects. We can’t effectively describe a mythical narrative in precise conditions for in so doing we strip it of its loving qualities. It expires at the grasping action of thoughtful consideration. These symbols activate images in our mind, which give us an opportunity to comprehend and gauge our progress along our personal path. Whether we believe these pictures to be past life memories or emerging from a inherited genetic code is immaterial.


The art of visualization and creativity is an imperative element of the recovery process. These archetypal codes unlock pathways to deeper symbolic realms or degrees of consciousness, which we all share. They enable us to get worlds populated by the elemental spirits and devas of Nature; the angels and god-forms of different measurements, which exist because we consider them to. These patterns are usually strong enough to possess universal archetypal meanings.

Through them, we learn to recognize and familiarize ourselves with our higher-selves. We step outside of space and time and see our reality from another perspective allowing self-healing and illumination. Women of our times have surfaced by a long underground period of suppression and servitude into a societal network that imagined they were of secondary importance. The challenges and opportunities for girls nowadays are monumental.

More factors

The revolutionary political and social changes worldwide, however, have caused a disintegration of familiar traditional functions for lady. Nowadays, a lot of women have reached the maturity of the article child-bearing years in good health and with the freedom and tools to research their true nature and to affect the social and political structure around them. We’re all taught to identify with male procedures of thoughtful, reasonable and linear theories. Instead there’s a whole lot more to us, buried in the unstoppable power of illogical co-existence of opposing forces.

The Feminine is the faceless presence fulfilled in ordinary, everyday events and at the unbroken paths of the unknown. Woman’s answers to the outer world are affected and also to a wonderful extent generated by her hormonal changes inside. She’s like a breath of fresh air in the fixed patriarchal orientation of life, because she reacts with renewed freshness to every event as it is presented to her. The beauty of the female is her possible for many measurements, embracing in her way of being the principles of several archetypes at once and possibly constantly confusing those from the world of a more logical propensity.

Nota final

All archetypes are found within each of us and may be”up” at any stage of growth. Cycles within cycles. This is possible without being in conflict with the multi-dimensionality of her mind, for every trait is exposed in various moments. It’s in this basic process that woman gives herself an opportunity again to be born into the light for a kid of moonlight. Once we honored the tantric union of man and woman, Adam and Eve, Isis and Osiris, Jesus and Mary, Merlin and Morgan; all of archetypal reminders of the female and male, which lies inside us all.

We existed at the time together with the perception of this beauty and truth of the ground directly, by existing in the immediate moment in time, in a totally discontinuous gift, ever now. When we existed in the eternal, the classic consciousness of earth was immediately within our understanding. Every one of us has a birthright to learn who s/he is. To strip imposed roles and also to enable us to unveil our own puzzle. It’s thus imperative that the archetypes represented in fantasy shouldn’t be adopted as still another rule to follow. Each archetype limits, points the finger into the heart of our own distinct character, which is waiting to sing the chorus of its own tune and to openly express the love that we are.

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