What To Know About Menopause HRT And Herbal Remedies?


Two of the most common indicators of this pre-menopause years are vaginal dryness and hot flashes, HRT does seem to have the ability to combat these efficiently but at what price? Over two thousand cases of breast cancer in the UK each year are linked to hormone replacement treatment, for those taking oestrogen only HRT the risk increases by approximately two girls per million, for those taking oestrogen and progesterone combined this increases to another six per thousand.


With any hormone replacement treatment many women report feelings of’being under the weather,’ significant weight gain and strange bleeding patterns, this may be as gloomy as the symptoms of menopause . Unfortunately the drug companies don’t promote this data in precisely the exact same manner that the advantages are advertised. It’s critical for any woman considering HRT to talk about the downside of replacement hormone therapy, to get all the facts and this should be done with a physician who’s fully conversant with all the problems in addition to the benefits.

If you’re still considering moving down the HRT route ask your physician for the lowest dose possible and preferably in the form of a transdermal gel. These gels are squirted on to the skin and consumed without the requirement for oral tablets. It’s far easier to regulate the number of pharmaceuticals you’re taking this way. An alternative for many women is the intra-uterine apparatus or coil that could be a delivery way of progesterone, the more insecure medication, straight to the uterus without needing to go through the body.

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Plenty of women find that the IUD or coil is uncomfortable and can’t get on with it, but for many it’s an acceptable option. Herbal remedies may provide relief of menopause symptoms and they have the huge advantage of several or even zero side effects. Soy isoflavones and flax seed, red clover and black cohosh are recommended by several health experts.

A cliche but very true is that eating sensibly and taking regular exercise are equally excellent for the relief of menopause symptoms. Vaginal dryness can be relieved with a topical lubricant that’s natural and perfectly natural. Another cliche maybe but valid for many reasons is to keep hydrated, sipping water throughout the day can leave you feeling better in several ways so keep a glass of water handy. Tap water is like anything so don’t think you need to splash out on expensive mineral water.